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Does anyone else hit a snag when painting armor? Specifically metal armor? I have a few figs that are wearing plate mail and usually I end up staring at them all primed at ready and not having a clue how to procede. I just put an undead horseman in the green bath cuz I didn't like the way he came out.


Any tips on how to make metal armor look interesting? How to paint rusted, burned or ghostly armor (all effects I'd like to achieve on various figs)?


I think I need a special red "Panic" button that I can press to alert the troops to my desperate need.


I wouldn't use it every time.




I wouldn't lie about something like that.

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If you're working with metallics Jacob Nielsen offered some comments about his winning Chaos figs here:



I like to mix metallics to obtain more transitional shades working up from something like Reapers Steel Plate to Mithril Silver or Tamiya Chrome Silver and alternating ink washes or Tamiya clears for different effects.

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