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Large Bases?

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Thanks for all the great advice! Yes, Deathsheet is the problem. I also have about six more figures in the mix that have issues standing steadily. I ordered some 40mm, 50mm and 60mm bases to address this. The really big guys, Kally and Nethax appear to be good and stable on their huge sculped bases. I still need to put Ebonwarth and Wormgear together. How was their balance for others?

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Proxie has rectangle bases as large as 50x100. I've only used as large as 40x40, but they are nice bases.



Renendra has an interesting oval base that is 115x88



CD's are good choice also. I've used them for basing up 28mm scale mechs. I've also used the metal lids from frozen juice concentrate. IIRC, it's a bit over 60mm across.


Lastly, I can't find a pic, but somewhere there's a picture of a very large dragon based on what looks like a very large PP/Reaper style base. It's actually a cheap clock. The whole clock probably cost less than an equivalent miniatures base. Here's someone who did something similar, but with a different kind of clock.


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Basing on a uniformly round, oval or rectangle base is both for display and for wargaming purposes. A neat base defines area of model, control, etc.


I think it was Frankthedm who suggested a wall clock for the really big miniatures in an older post a few months ago. He also suggested the tops of large cans as being another good source of bigger bases.

Here's the thread


Useful info about basing for large models, but I still can't find the pic of the model based on a clock that just looks like a large rounded base.

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Home improvement stores sell plastic wall guards in various sizes, intended to protect your wall from run-ins with door knobs. I got a 5" one at Wal-Mart for about $2 or so. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Symmetry-Paintable-5-Wall-Guard/17237308 The topside is lightly textured. The underside has a peel-off adhesive circle which you can simply leave there or stick a circle of felt on it.

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