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This was my very first attempt at OSL - I don't think I suceeded (I polled for opinions already in WIP) but I learned a lot and, hey, when it's a choice between repainting significant parts of the mini, or just buying a new mini to try again, the price tag of under $3 makes that an easy choice. ::):


Since that WIP I made very little changes to the mini - brightened up a bit of the blue, extended it out of the cowl a bit more, and of course did the base.


The idea is that the opening in the face, the opening in the left arm, and the hilt of the sword are glowing with a faint blue light. I don't believe that really carried - it's too subtle. C'est la vie, I rather like the look anyway.


To answer questions regarding painting - I "primed" the ghostly guy with Reaper Matte Sealer, then I just washed the bulk of the mini with a mixture of black Ink, Clear Green, and water. It clouded the translucency a bit, but not too badly. The sword was painted metalic, and the "light bits" were done with varying shades of Valeo's "Andrea Blue" and reaper's "Pure White."


I cut off the gravestone since I didn't like how it pushed my mini to one side on the 1" washer - I wanted it centered. The rest of the base was built up with polyform model air, then covered with a mixture of baking soda and glue - I painted this walnut brown to make it look like grave dirt, then drybrushed on intense brown, then a light dusting of ginger cookie. Then I put on some dead-looking static grass.



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Thanks! I agree it's not bad, it just wasn't quite what I was going for. I have a good idea what I'm going to do next time, I may even pick up another one of these guys and try it.


I went to my local "Hobbytown USA" yesterday and picked up four Tamiya Clear paints - yellow, blue, red, and green (the shopkeeper commented that I was picking up Microsoft Windows colors.) I may play around with the headstone I cut off and see what looks good, but the translucent miniatures do present some very interesting challenges and possibilities.

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