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Unexpected Old Swag!


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I met my parents for dinner on Wednesday, and much to my surprise they handed me a box filled with old Minis. I mean, really old. Stuff I bought when I was a kid. So I thought I'd throw this out there, for the coolness factor, and also to see if anyone can identify these guys.


First group shot - a bunch of Dragon men (I suspect they may be Dragonlance Draconians) a small dragon-like thing, and a Frost Giant with a broken weapon. Also, a robot:




The Draconians's bases are stamped "Grenadier 1984," the Giant's is engraved the same, and the robot's is engraved with 1987.


Second picture... did you know that Demogorgon meets Tiamat at the library on Thursdays? True fact:




The Prince of Demon's base is stamped Grenadier 1984, the Queen of Dragons' is engraved with 1987. I suspect that neither of them are actually "Tiamat" or "Demogorgon," but Grenadier minis made to "coincidentally" look like them. :;): The bookcase is unstamped on the bottom - I think it was a part of a set of some kind.


Speaking of, have two side views of her




I have her other wing, it just came unglued, but the tail piece is alas gone!


Darkrasp, evil priest, decided to join this rather reptile-heavy party to show scale creep -




Please note I'm fairly sure the Draconians are supposed to be slightly larger than human...


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The bookcase is from "The Wizards Room". A boxed set from Grenadier back in the '80's.


I have a set somewhere around here.

Cool! I remembered it was from a set. ::):


One more picture, I forgot this guy.


Oh no! A spearman in full armor has crashed the party! He's going to stab Darkrasp in the head!




Errr, well, maybe more like his midsection. If he can reach it. This one is from 1982...

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Silly spearman, piercing damaging wont hurt him, hes made of bones! Try slashing instead!

Ahhhh slashing only does 1/2 damage to creatures that are all bones hes going to need some bludgeoning damage!



I don't think it'll work, captain! We've already tried hitting 'em with a hammer, and all it does is bounce off! :blink:





--OneBoot :D

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the giant at least seems suitably sized....for a half giant I guess....

Yeah, he's like twice the size of a human in the old scale, but only half again in the new.



That Tiamat *ahhem* Queen of Dragons is a beauty. I wonder what that might be worth given it's age and/or rarity.

She's in sorry shape, I'm afraid, with the broken tail. I also count only four heads... I have a feeling one is missing. I've got a good lead on her now on a wiki page...


Yep! Found her. She's from Grenadier's "Dragon of the Month" line, and is a "Spectral Dragon." I seem to be missing one of the heads, though so does the constructed version on that page. The box displays five, including on the back. I think I'm missing one that was glued onto the bottom of the neck.


I was also wrong about the Draconians, none of these are licensed, so they're all just Grenadier "not-x" minis. Though it is possible, even likely, that the Dragon men could have come out before the Dragonlance books - the first was published in 1984.

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Silly spearman, piercing damaging wont hurt him, hes made of bones! Try slashing instead!

Ahhhh slashing only does 1/2 damage to creatures that are all bones hes going to need some bludgeoning damage!



I don't think it'll work, captain! We've already tried hitting 'em with a hammer, and all it does is bounce off! :blink:





--OneBoot :D


Yeah, the Bones is definitely most vulnerable to slashing damage. Piercing damage works, but in this case the spearman is screwed, I don't think Darkrasp has a heart, he's Evil.

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      continuing my quest to paint down some of my metal mountain of dragons is my second Green Dragon II from Grenadier.  I wound up with multiple copies of this dragon (I wont say how many but i still have another in its original box...) so when i noticed that i had primed this one a while ago, i decided to try the painting method from Mocha's painting a Rocky class during Reapercon (thanks @Mocha I am getting a lot of use out of that technique and it has definitely helped me with contrast in everything I paint) of starting with the darkest colors and working up to the brightest.  This is the result of my trial with the dragon of the month series .  I decided that since they liked swamps and other watery environments, i would give her a bed of dry river rocks in an underground cave.  (hey everyone likes a comfy bed but nobody really likes a wet bed!) so i started with the base the miniature came with and expanded from there bringing the rocks out from there.  The first pass had them all a monotone color which left the base looking almost black and white against the green dragon.  Interesting but not what i wanted.  Some colored inks later and we have a nice bed of various colored rocks!

      She comes out really vibrant with lots of shadow and contrast really nice!  About my only fault is i haven't given much thought to handling a different colored belly scale and how a significantly lighter scale would work given the steady darkening as the light lowers past the widest parts of the model. Oh well, maybe next time.
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      Hope you enjoy them!
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