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John Bear Ross refered me to this topic.


I've sculpt a few anime style mechs last few years. Mostly for myself.


Here are pictures of the one I made a couple years ago that I had a mold made and cast.









Some people were interested but most of them got scared when I told them that it's in 40+ parts.


I kind of put sculpting in the back burner for the time being, there were much interest in anime style mech in the mainstream.


Anyway, let me know what you think of my work.



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Good call Lars


I'm still iffy iffy on what weapon it is exactly, but its definately a hitter. I'm not even sure if its even an Apache come to think of it, I thought the pilot's helmet controls the chin gun movements. when you see the camera move it seems kind of eratic, like its controls from a joystick or something.

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the apropriate data may be on the screen itself but in my player it is blurry. I do know its a chopper, and my guess is it's an Apache, 20mm or not. I am surprised at the stability of the screen, it almost looks like they are stationary and grounded or something. My guess is they have to be relatively close since there is very little movement aside from the shifting of the camera and the sights.

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If you're talking about the footage they showed on the national news, it was more than likely an Apache: The size of the explosions was consistent with 30mm shells, the way the cannon tracked with the crosshairs (IHADS), plus IIRC this happened in the North which is a major area of Army operations. I don't think the Army has deployed any Cobras in the theatre.


IIRC the Cobra uses a similar system where the cannon is slaved to the gunner's helmet, but is a mechanical connection rather than an electronic helmet reference system the Apache uses.



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