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Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Contest


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... aaaand this is why I ask these things before doing them.   ::D:


I will, of course, be showing off in the show off thread though.


OK. I'm going to change the rule. I think this challenge, to work, really needs the photoshop.  So you are required to photoshop into the image.  If you don't have this capability I, or anyone else that volunteers to in this thread, will do it for you.

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Thanks, will do. She is the first thing I have painted in several years, and this seems like a good chance to get some feedback as well as see how far off I have dropped :)


I saw your entry and she is gorgeous. If this is what your brushwork looks like after you've dropped off for a while, I'd love to see what it looks like when you're painting regularly.  You're very talented.

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Sooo... I'm sitting here wondering if I should spend all day tomorrow trying to start and complete a full high-quality paint job in one day or not....


I really, really wanted to try the "fit it into a photo" challenge ever since the idea was first suggested as a possibility but life just hasn't cooperated and I haven't been able to get ANY painting done since well before Christmas.


But I'm supposed to be going to a Sorority Alumnae Tea (I'm an Alpha Phi) welcoming the soon-to-be graduating seniors to our local Alumnae Chapter tomorrow afternoon....


But then there's a "up to 25 cm" (10") snow warning for the lower mainland tomorrow so travelling across town may not be in the cards anyway....


I'm so conflicted!

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