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72moonglum's WIP

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Okay, just because it's kind of fun to record this kind of stuff, plus if I know I'm posting progress, I actually have to make some progress, I'm going to start up a new WIP.


With this one, it's going to be a chunk of figures so it will probably last forever, but I've really got no hurry, so we'll see how this all goes.


So I've got nine figures I'm going to put on this WIP, eight Ral Partha figures, and Yephima, my only and favorite Bones figure, so I'll also give my general impressions perhaps with some base of experience behind me, even though not too much for just as single figure.


Four Ral Partha clerics I think sculpted by Julie Guthrie, and then a set of four figures that I really don't remember what they were originally called, sculpted by Dennis Mize.  Included in this set is what I remember somewhere from this site as somebody have listed this figure (on the farthest right) as one of the world's most boring figures, so of course I felt obligated to paint it.


With these then, I've got them all primed and ready to go!   I also primed Yephima with Vallejo brush-on primer, just because I feel I should, even though as I was priming her, I really couldn't see the primer too well. 


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So here's as far as I got today, base colors for skin.  Twilight blue for Yephima, fair skin for the thief, tanned highlights for the most boring figure in the world, and Tanned Shadow for the Conan-esque figure and the chick.


Just because I usually do thinner coats of paint when I'm painting, I found it pretty hard to do a first full-strength coat of paint on Yephima.  So I ended up doing the first coat with a good deal of water mixed in and did this for a few coats, and tried doing a full coat later. I think just because my surface will have changed I'm going to find it pretty awkward to adapt to a different painting style.  But with that in mind, using a few  thinner layers of paint worked just as well with Bones than with metal.  I primed the Bones though, so I'm sure that had to make a difference, but even the primer I tried putting on full strength but also tried with some water mixed in.


I have a feeling that's all I'm going to get done today, but hopefully tomorrow I'll do the base coats for the skin for the clerics too, which will be nice because mostly it's just their faces that are showing so it shouldn't be too much to worry about.    One reason I'm going to try to do these all roughly at the same time will be because I'm going to use fair skin as the lightest and I'll work progressively darker all the way down to walnut brown, but I'll start for example with the thief's fair skin, then start doing washes with tanned highlights.  I'll have the most boring figure in the world's base coat as tanned highlights, so I'll afterwards use tanned skin as my next wash, washing the thief, then the most boring figure in the world, then I'll probably do tanned shadow, which are the base tones for my other two figures. Once I hit that, then I'll start using my successive washes for all the figures and hopefully save some time somewhere somehow.


And then I'll do Yephima separately because she's just cool.....


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Generally un primed bones take any paint (as the first coat) that has been thinned with water very well.   If you are thinning with another product,like matt medium, you should be good.





correction " un primed bones DON"T take"   I really got to slow my brian to match my typing speed! :blush:

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Generally un primed bones take any paint (as the first coat) that has been thinned with water very well.   If you are thinning with another product,like matt medium, you should be good.

I personally have noticed the opposite with water. I use a first coat of undiluted MSP (as many on the forums due). I actually have started using Brown Liner as the "primer" since it actually helps to make it more durable of a paint job. Thinning with water on a first coat makes the paint bead up.

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Same here, I do base coats with unthinned paint on bones and all the subsequent are thinned with water. Bones repel water so thinning the first coat will result in streaks and the paint not adhering well. Results may very depending on paints used though. I use RMSP.

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Hey there 72moonglum...sent you a PM but it I'm not sure you've seen it, so I'm going to stalk you a bit...apologies for any creep factor


I'm wondering if you take any commissions ever?  I've got scads of unpainted Heritage and Ral Partha that I've finally committed to get folks working on.  As you know, there aren't many folks out there that have the appreciation for and talent with old school sculpts like you do..it's fantastic.


Anyway, I've seen your stuff in several places and love it...and I'd love to have your skills applied to some of my minis.  Either way, thanks for the time.





[email protected]


longshot (this forum, CMON, TMP)

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Hi Scott,

saw your PM, and sent you a response!


And now, on with the WIP!

So it's still not too revealing, and trying to paint so many figures at the same time, so this morning started from the base colors for the skin all the way down to walnut brown.


The barbarian and chick started out at tanned shadow.


The cleric with the cross and staff with the bearded barbarian are with tanned highlights.


The female cleric, cleric with flail, and thief are with fair skin.

And then the other cleric with the mace I thought I'd start out with dark skin.


So now I'll start my lighter colors going in the reverse from where I started, and update once I get that figured out.


Haven't touched Yephima yet sadly..





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Okay, so some more photos.  This time have all the skin painted for pretty much everybody (except for our sweet Yephima).   Next I'll be painting the faces, eyes, mouths and eyebrows, maybe some makeup, who knows.  So eight figures, sixteen eyes.  Sounds pretty painful and will probably take....




So in the meantime, organized the photos according to skin type.


More to come.....





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So the fruits of yesterday's labors:  eyes and more eyes.  I ended up spending probably about two hours or so in them all, and picking so many figures to paint at the same time and on top of that doing their eyes at the same time was kind of a nice exercise, but also an exercise in frustration.  I got lots of paint all over where it wasn't supposed to go, but they have eventually turned out okay, if not wonderful.  The Dennise Mize pieces, with the exception of the thief, all had horribly sunken in eyes, so they were really hard to get to.  Three of the four clerics were all holding stuff up in front of their faces, so they were hard to get to.  And as always, one eye seemed to always want to turn out okay, and the other one was always more of a torture. 


As much as I try not to paint outside of the eyes, the Conanesque figure on one of the eyes seems to have overextended its borders of the actual eyeballs.  Oh, well, couldn't be avoided and hopefully doesn't look too big.  Next up, I'll work on mouths and if I'm feeling really good, start painting a bunch of eyebrows. I've got next also to try to decide on hair color. Barbarians will be dark haired, Viking-type barbarian either blonde or red haired, but don't know yet about the thief or the female cleric. 






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So eyebrows, mouths, and lips.  It's getting more and more painful as I keep taking these closeups, but at least they show some progress.


With the female cleric, on the other side of the nose there's a little bump that I couldn't really fully remove, so you might e able to see that a bit. I'm not quite sure what color her hair is going to be , but the eyebrows might get lightened up depending on whatever color I decide.  That goes for the thief as well.  The eyebrows on the barbarian and barbarian mage chick will remain very dark and I'm sure the next things I'll end up painting are their hair because it seems I've already decided on the color.







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