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Dark Maiden ... RPC Song Contest Idea ... "Flood"

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Yikes! I'm glad to hear it's nothing worse than a pinched nerve (though that's bad enough as it is, I've had that before in my neck, NOT FUN). When you mentioned that you were experiencing pins and needles on the entire right half of your body, I was extremely worried, since that's a symptom of a mild, transient stroke.  :unsure: PT works wonders, and I wish you luck in getting things relaxed and straightened out soon!


I love your concept, and I'm very excited to see what you do with it, especially the cool water effects. :D



--OneBoot :D

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I was going through my media library for ideas last night for Girot's Song Contest and happened upon "Flood" by Jars of Clay.   MP3: http://markshire.com/playerimages/flood/flood_by_jars_of_clay.mp3

Well, it's been a while but I pulled the Dark Maiden and her subject of interest out and started working on them again.   Specifically, I have added a flotation device and started the water

Tonight's layers:     I started off with another Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish layer At that point I decided on my underwater effect.  I mixed what you see above, Woodl

Posted Images

Thank you for the supporting comments.


Sadly this isn't my first go around with this but it's only been my arm before.  I can easily replicate this in my arm with the rotator cuff tear just from over use.  It was the whole right side that made me nervous.


I did get some work done though not with paint.


First, I started my wave on the test plate.  I haven't taken pics yet.


Next I wrote most of my next blog post for "What to Write Wednesdays" which is inspired by my drink this morning. It will go live tomorrow morning.  Link in my signature.  It includes a demo of sorts.


So altogether today wasn't unproductive. 

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I finally finished my latest blog post. It's inline with the alternative base building I am applying to Dark Maiden.  Here's my What to Write Wednesday post.

"I was inspired this week to find unusually shaped bottle caps and materials to make architecturally detailed bases for miniatures."


 #RecycledBasing, #TextureStamp, #AlternativeBases

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, I have returned from no man's land and may in fact begin doing work again.


Sadly, my recent infirmity has forced me to avoid strenuous and repetitive motions with my main hand and arm for a time.  So sayeth the doctor and my boss.  The doctor has cleared me for return to work though there's likely permanent damage to both my right limbs.  And while I am an adequate typist with just my left hand and have toyed with speech-to-text, my reticence to rejoin the forums was not driven directly by inability but a slight bit of depression.  So with luck grumpy Thrym has finally left and crazy project starter Thrym is back.


Physical therapy has resumed.  *crosses fingers on left hand*  With luck I'll be able to paint back to my former level by end of March.  In the interim, I will still work on the Maiden and my Winter Exchange.  But most other things will be on hold.


Finger Lakes Paint Day will continue as well.

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Glad you are back Thrym, I hope that the physical therapy gets you back to your old form very quickly. Just take it easy and try not to push yourself too hard while you recover from the injury. I'm looking forward to seeing much more of your work.

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So resuming water effects tests. 


I applied several things to the previous test tremainingt I can achieve.




You can see that I added a wave to the left and some colored gel to the right.


Specifically I brushed some wave tips (bottom right) with gel and Vallejo Reflective Green.


Then above that I layered some more of the gel-green mix.


On the far left I washed some of the V Reflective Green on the water.


In the middle I mixed gel and Black Ink to see what I will get. 


Here's the next morning picture.




As you can see the black ink-gel mix went on gray and is drying a bit dark.  Which is cool.


The layers of the greens are also drying darker.  The Reaper/Heavy Gel mix dries faster than gel alone.


I will post more pics as the layers dry.


One note... now that i have covered most of the original test with new tests, the remaining space looks really nice for clear Gel on a basecoat blue.  Nice.

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  • 3 weeks later...

*Price is Right buzzer and music*


I didn't get this project done in time for Girot's contest.


Kind of bummed I didn't make a more concerted effort.


BUT last weekend for Paint Day and Sunday, I did make some concerted effort to make it happen.  There was just too much work left to do.


Here's what did get done...


  • The top of the burl wood base was painted with several versions of blue including Soft Blue, Worn Blue and Blue Liner

  • Ezren's right arm was cut and bent so he could "grasp" a bit of flotsam.  You can see the green stuff above.
  • I added some green stuff to the larger wave to increase the depth and increase the peril to the half-drowned Ezren.

  • The Maiden's right arm was partially replaced and placed at an awkward position for humans.  Donor: Sinessa: Hellborn Sorceress  The Maiden was attached to the middle with a tall pin from mini into the wood and then a green stuff "exit splash" was created to firmly hold it all together.  The "wings" are just sitting on her.
  • Then I primed the Maiden white and basecoated her entirely with Walnut Brown.  Likewise I did her wings.  I also primed and painted the green stuff waves.

  • Ezren was pinned and primed as well and removed to a holder where I began work on him in earnest.
  • The green stuff wave got even more blue paint and then some base white for under the water effect.




There you go.  Full update.


Will plunge ahead and get this done before to long.

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  • 2 months later...

Now that I am on a roll ... relatively speaking compared to my previous production level ... I had reviewed this project a bit with Cash at Paint Day and finished fixing some bits on Ezren this last week.


  • First, while his wind-whipped hair is appropriate for the wind-whipped scene, parts of his hair were more "dry wind-whipped" as opposed to "wet wind-whipped" so I removed a chunk of his hair that goes in the wrong direction from the back of his head and smoothed it all out.  I also removed a large mold line I missed during prep.
  • Then I snapped his arm back off from putting to much pressure on him from fixing his head.  Fixed that.
  • My initial paint work on his head was removed during surgery so I cleaned it up and re-applied a base coat.  Which was cool as I realized that I needed to mute the hell out of everything on Ezren to simulate his dunking and the darkened scene.


Here's the restarted piece:




I finished base coating the various parts and started some layering:




I also did some color tests on the wings of the Dark Maiden to see what level of water worn wood effect I wanted to get.  Sadly, I didn't take a picture.


Previously I had base coated both her and her wings in Walnut Brown.  A mix of Oiled Leather with some Leaf Green got the desaturated brown I was looking for but I am unsure if I like it.  So I redid one half with some Weathered Blue added and that gave it a more "night" look.  So I might do something with both delineating a lightning strike from behind her to the right.  More saturated colors to that side and more desaturated and "night" shading to the opposite.


If I do that I will have to add similar lighting to Ezren.


Overall I think that will make for a much more interesting and dramatic piece.


I'll catch up with images of the test plate and the wave on it as well as more work.

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Looks good. A couple things I'd watch for: make sure that grey stands out against the water with some good highlights, but I do like the idea of grey to tie him in with the water somewhat. Just check him against the base now and again and it should be fine.


I think you have too many colors going on with his bits and bobs. I see what you're going for but it's a bit distracting (and remember I tend to err on the side of boring muted!).

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Looks good. A couple things I'd watch for: make sure that grey stands out against the water with some good highlights, but I do like the idea of grey to tie him in with the water somewhat. Just check him against the base now and again and it should be fine.


I think you have too many colors going on with his bits and bobs. I see what you're going for but it's a bit distracting (and remember I tend to err on the side of boring muted!).


That's just because they are bright at the moment.  Besides, a good 1/8 inch or so of his torso will be covered by the gel/water effect.  So, while I want muted for the overall tone of the piece, I still want to be able to see stuff through the gel.


The red bottle is his beard dye.  The green one is his water-breathing potion that he's completely forgotten about.  LOL

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Still deciding on the look and feel of the timbers.  


Below the maiden's dress gets a first overcoat and the wings get some definition. 


Comments welcome.





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  • 4 years later...

Well, it's been a while but I pulled the Dark Maiden and her subject of interest out and started working on them again.


Specifically, I have added a flotation device and started the water layers.


"Flood" diorama


The water layers applied so far are:


  • Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish to add a nice base shine.
  • Golden Heavy Gel to add some volume and sculpt so effect to the wave.
  • Golden Heavy Gel again to build up the layers and glue down the "door". 
    I added some under the wood for what was lifted out of the water by Ezren leaning heavily on it to lift his arm free.


Next up:


More layers and the finishing touches on the Maiden.


Stay tuned and Enjoy.

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