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A questionable cloak


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Well, ya take a brush, dip it into paint, then in a gentle sweeping motion apply said paint to the figure


Bob's yer uncle, Fanny's yer aunt and there ya have it. ::P:


I tend to paint in what is called the Foundry Style, after Foundry Miniatures. They advocate using three colors on a particular item: shade, base, highlight.


Let's say, for example, you want that cloak to be blue. To make things simple we'll just use one shade of blue and darken and lighten it with black and white.


Take the blue, add a bit of black and paint the cloak with it. Then take the blue as is, and apply it to the raised areas of the cloak (most sculpts have the cloaks looking like they're blowing in the wind, etc so there are usually folds and raised areas). Then lighten the blue with a little white and apply is to the same raised areas, though not as much as the previous coat, you don't want to cover up all the base color you just painted.


There is more complete info on this style of painting Here.


And of course there are several painting tutorials on the Reaper site in The Craft section as well as their "Learn to Paint" kits. I beleive kit #2 deals with painting clothes and skin.


Good luck.

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