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Dec 2 2015
Resin casts look great! We have come a long way and there is still a road ahead.

The casting is underway. The samples look great and you are going to be thrilled with the material and cast quality. The production mother molds are being constructed and an upgrade to the existing facility is underway. 

A lot has been happening over the last while. Ever since I got back from England it has been intense. A lot has been going on, with things ranging from old arrangements being broken to new arrangements being made. I have struggled with my mental health, and with keeping people happy behind the scenes. This whole process has been a roller coaster, but this last month has been a whirlwind. 

I will give you some written details here and will be publishing a video soon with some of this information as well. 

Upon coming back from England I had not gotten the information I needed from the company I visited. They weren't able to provide me with the assurances I needed, now more than ever. I basically suffered a breakdown and it was a very low point. A lot of time and money and distance traveled had been spent on this contact. 

I still had another factory to fall back on, but had decided fairly early on to not source my castings overseas to China. I could not guarantee the quality of an overseas cast, plus my product would be at a high risk for recasting. Even the resin could have fillers such as paper and PVC.

The facility I got my test casts from however made some perfect casts. They are beautiful, with pure resin, and almost no trace of mold line or excess flashing. The people in charge of that facility were great to work with. I decided to contact them and ask if we could upgrade the facility and start producing the Creature Caster Kickstarter miniatures at the same high quality, and they agreed to meet up and discuss an arrangement. 

I went and visited the team and we agreed upon a cost and a timeline. They have since been making the mother molds and upgrading the facility in preparation for the production casts. I spent a lot of time there, making sure everything was ready to go. It was really nice to be in the space and in control. 

I have spent a lot of time in this campaign waiting on other companies whom I had given control. They radically lengthened production times, especially in the case of getting the 3D prints, and had me waiting far too long for basic information. It feels good to have control back in my hands. Being at the casting facility gives me the feeling that I can be in direct contact and have a far greater capacity for control. 

I have also been in consult with business and production experts. They have assured me that things happen like this in business all the time. People in business will often prioritize your project based on profit, and I was in the mix with some other really big companies who were for a long time getting priority over me. 

Plus, I was told by more than a few experts, that I am an artist... not a business person. My instinct to trust people and to wait for people to come around is a rather large weakness in the business world, and I have had to come to terms with this. I am glad I have their consult to make it through, and I am grateful for their input (thank you!)

So the minis are being made, and this will still take some time. The first boxes will be ready for ship starting in about four months time. This is still a while away, so I am asking for your continued patience and support. The great news is that the minis look excellent. The prints are superb and the cast quality is top notch. 

As a result of the stress I have been compounding over the past year, it has been quite a strain on my mental health. Now that casting is underway I hope that the pressure will diminish a little. This has been a long and difficult process and as always I have to thank you for your continued patience and support with me from the beginning. What keeps me going is the thought of your unboxing reviews, and most importantly, the pics of your minis once you have them painted up. 

Next update will be the video where I talk about the last year in detail. It will be a state of the campaign address but on a more personal note. The update after that I will be reporting from the facility itself as I am headed back in a few weeks. Until then, take care, and thank you. 

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Why? It only takes a few minutes to brew another cup of coffee...

Someone said they wanted a dragon without a rider?  

EDIT: link to kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeremyglen/creature-caster-first-wave   Hey guys. Jeremy here, formerly of Ultraforge. I am here to humbly pitch the Kickstarter camp

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Some new updates


A few production pics and a look at the sprues


Just finished reviewing dozens of new pieces today. Had a long meeting and went over some of the finer points of each piece. Most of all, was super impressed with how the pieces are looking. 


Here you can see a few production pieces. Notice how thin the vent tubes are. This will make for extremely easy clipping and trimming. The mold lines are almost completely invisible, and there is a faint wisp of webbing in a few areas. 


The large block on the top, which is the fill block, will be trimmed off. We just kept these ones on for inspection purposes. 


Every time I see those big square block joints I am reminded how solid these models fit together. Everything in production is going well. We are however two weeks behind on our goals so we have hired an extra hand to catch up and stay on target.

There have been a few people asking for the final ship date. I have been fairly explicit in the past when saying that I would not give you a final ship date because that date is very subject to change. There are far to many unforeseeables. This is usually why companies estimate by the quarter, not the date. Having said that, I know you are eager to find out when you are getting your miniatures. Know that when we are about halfway done our units I will be offering an estimated ship date for your miniatures. Until then, we are going to keep going as fast as we can.

We will also be opening up the pledge manager once again to accept payments for shipping in the future. You will be getting lots of notifications about this. It will also be a chance for you to check and update your shipping address. 

I want to send out a huge personal thank to Kenny for doing a great job keeping in touch with the backers and for managing the pledges like a boss. Going thru this would not have been the same without you. On behalf of all the backers and myself, thank you! 

I will be back soon with another update with lots more pics and news on the conversion. 

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Here is a quick look at the work done so far on the Warrior Demon I am painting for the studio and website. 


The model primed up very nicely and the adherence to the resin is excellent. The details are deep and crisp and paint up with ease. 

I went with a black primer, which is rare for me, but it is just what I had around. I am using Citadel paints, again, because its just what I had laying around. I have no real preferences with paints or brushes. I will use whatever is in front of me. 

Of course, I can not wait until you have your models in front of you and begin sharing your paint jobs. We still have a ways to go before shipping, but I am committed to reporting lots of paintings and conversions until then to make this time enjoyable. 

- Jeremy

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Looking forward to the spider demon.  If GW ever does something akin to a Knight Titan for the Tyranids that's what I'll field her as.  Otherwise I'll use the stats from the Scythed Hierodule or (more likely) the Dimachaeron.

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Boy are there a lot of angry backers in the Kickstarter comments section.

Sad to see the direction progress on this has taken.

I hope folks get what they pledged for in the end as I have several miniatures from Jeremy's previous company and was a fan of his before the Kickstarter. Hate to see the toll this must be taking on him.

Have to admit though that I'm glad I didn't back this myself.

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It's a shame he has failed to provide meaningful updates.  I am hoping there is some progress happening since he has posted some photos of production miniatures, but I'm guessing progress is so slow that he is embarrassed or afraid to post the real status.  I think that is a mistake.  However slow the progress is, I would feel better as a backer knowing what is going on than being left out in the cold on information, and getting very rare updates that provide only the most vague of information about the status.

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Boy are there a lot of angry backers in the Kickstarter comments section.

Sad to see the direction progress on this has taken.

I hope folks get what they pledged for in the end as I have several miniatures from Jeremy's previous company and was a fan of his before the Kickstarter. Hate to see the toll this must be taking on him.

Have to admit though that I'm glad I didn't back this myself.

I am in the exact same boat - the miniatures from UltraForge were very nice - and I love the Tree Woman figure in the line.


If the dragons shown for this hadn't had that built in howdah, I would have backed it....


And now, I am glad that I gave it a pass.


While at the same time, very sorry that it has takn this turn - it would have been nice to see more miniatures in the line.


The Auld Grump, grumping grumpily, 'cause he's feelin' grumpy....

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Boy are there a lot of angry backers in the Kickstarter comments section.


I'm not angry. I'm just patiently waiting. I'm also glad that I haven't been asked to pay for shipping yet. He told us all we'd be charged for it when stuff was actually sent. You can bet a lot of people are going to vent even more anger and frustration when that stage is finally reached. I'm glad I haven't been asked because money's been really tight these last seven or eight months. I just hope I can afford it when the time comes.

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