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Colonel Kane's LL Den of the Morlock Shaman

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Loim: It is just and odd shaped cavern that is being used as a fecal dumping ground.

You walk through the double doors. The room is 20’ wide and about 30’ feet long. A red curtain hangs over the back(west wall), there appears to be either recesses or passage ways to the south and north. Near the south passage with its back to you is a giant white ape.  You have clearly surprised it. It turns to see you just as a scream comes from the north (clearly there is a passage). The ape issues a challenging roar at you. Before you can react, Marcus charges the ape, while over his shoulder he yells, “To the north. Save them.â€

Heading through the north passage you only travel 20’ before you come to a T. To the west you can make out a door and to the east you can hear a voice, “Hang on Edvard. Someone will com save us.â€

Behind you, you can hear man and ape screaming in fury.


Which way will you go? West through the door or East toward the voices.

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His pace doesn't even slow his path carrying him to the voices. The remembered knowledge of what these creatures do to people putting steel in his spine. As his steps carry him forward he reaches for the wand. Uncertain, but hoping, since these creatures hunt at night they might be at least partly dazzled by the wands light, should he find himself face to face with them. In the back of his mind there is a sense of surprise at himself. A bookish scribe that seldom even went for walks in the woods any more, surprised to find himself volunteering to go on this rescue, but now knowing what they are up against, not hesitating to put himself in danger to save others from such a terrible fate.

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To the East it is. As you travel down the 10’ wide You hear the door behind you fly open and the sounds of feet headed south. Traveling down the hall you arraive at a cell door in the north wall after about 30’. There behind the cell door is Edvard, the farmers son.

He yells, “Elle, their here.† 

You hear the rattling of a cell door and Elle’s voice from farther down the hall, “Down here!â€

From the west you can hear mulitple sets of feet coming, grunts and yells.

You hear her voice “Hurry.â€

From further down the hall a new voice carries to you, “There are four cells, the lass your looking for in in the next one and I am in the last. They are coming this way looking for you. They are planning to eat us all. “


What is your next move? How do you open the cell door? Better hurry as is sounds like the enemy is bearing down on you....

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