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Alias - Forgotten Relms Set


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Here is another of my finished mini's.  Alias from the Ral Partha Forgotten Realms D&D Set.  I though the hair came out rather nicely. I changed the cloak from red to blue so she could match my guardsman.



I read on another thread the preference is for separate thread for mini's to make for easier searching.  I guess my question is since these aren't Reaper mini's would it be better to make a separate thread for each.  Or one thread for the group?  Comments welcome on either this question or my mini.

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Cool figure, nice paint job on her.


Yep the overall preference is to do a consolidated WIP thread for all your works in progress. The other preference is to have separate show off threads for each figure you finish. Then make sure to tag all the basics like manufacturer, model number/SKU, and name of the figure so that others can search them out easier.


Anyhow, great to see another taking the time to post their work. I look forward to seeing more. Happy painting!

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