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Here is another of my finished mini's.  Alias from the Ral Partha Forgotten Realms D&D Set.  I though the hair came out rather nicely. I changed the cloak from red to blue so she could match my guardsman.



I read on another thread the preference is for separate thread for mini's to make for easier searching.  I guess my question is since these aren't Reaper mini's would it be better to make a separate thread for each.  Or one thread for the group?  Comments welcome on either this question or my mini.

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Cool figure, nice paint job on her.


Yep the overall preference is to do a consolidated WIP thread for all your works in progress. The other preference is to have separate show off threads for each figure you finish. Then make sure to tag all the basics like manufacturer, model number/SKU, and name of the figure so that others can search them out easier.


Anyhow, great to see another taking the time to post their work. I look forward to seeing more. Happy painting!

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    • By Prex
      So I dug an old mini out of the bottom of my box of forgotten lead - the 1989 Firbolg by Ral Partha. This classic figure deserved better than being lost for  a generation so I decided to paint it up and take a few photos on the way. 

      It was in fine shape except for the broken / missing handle and pommel for the sword, so I started with a repair job - pin it to win it. 


      A quick test of my sculpting skills, I used milliput to add a new handle over the pin.  I gave the whole model a new prime with vallejo surface primer through my airbrush. Overall, not too bad and one quick mold line removal later and a touch up prime and it was ready for some color. 

      Time for getting some basic color on the model. I started with reaper golden shadow for the skin. It's a nice warm base to paint over, so I was pretty hopeful that it would provide the right base for the reaper warrior flesh  I planned on using later.  

      Next up. some shadow. I used vallejo model air burnt umber for the shadows and for a first coat of the leather bits.


    • By Nightwing
      Here is an old frost giant I got in a collection my high school friends gave me.  I’ve painted him up to look Viking-ish, as I think that was Gary Gygax’s original conception. 
      The snow consistency is not right. I’d like it to be fluffy and smooth. Need practice...

    • By Geoff Davis
      02142: Beorn The Mighty by Sandra Garrity combined with 51-052 Wolf from Ral Partha.  A lead wolf from 1975 lost his head so that a player in my D&D game could have a sibeccai fighter with a two handed sword.  Sibeccai are a race from Monte Cook's Diamond Throne campaign setting. 

    • By knarthex
      So things were a little rushed in getting this finished a week ago, and I never did have the time to do a proper show off...
      And as final assembly didn't happen until Thursday afternoon.....
      and the results....

      Thanks for all the fun, comments and following along with this!!!!!!
      Forgot to link the WiP.....
    • By TheOldGuard
      I've just finished this Ral Partha oldie from my collection - ES54 Winged Panther.
      I went for a naturalistic black panther look but with a bluish sheen to the highlights (a bit like you sometimes see in movies as they're prowling through the jungle!). The wing skin recesses are actually a really dark red/brown but you can't exactly see it on these pics.
      Interestingly, the blue highlights seemed a lot bluer after I added the static grass to the base.




      Thanks for looking!
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