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I'm inspired by a Facebook thread on the Old School Gamers board... in which the members are importuned to show off their favorite dice.


I rather liked the idea, so I took a picture of some of mine... and remembered that every die has a story. The metal one at center right, my girlfriend got me for my birthday. She said she figured she COULDN'T go wrong with weird dice.

The blue one with orange numbers is one of the first RPG dice I ever owned, one of the last survivors of its set. Still in use. Vintage 1978.

The stone D6 at far right, I bought in a rock shop in Estes Park, CO. The round yellow D6 next to it, I found in a bin in Austin, Texas. The puzzle dice behind them, I found in a dime store in Michigan. The spinner at far left is a TARDIS spinner I got in a pack of Doctor Who figurines from England. 

Anyone else got any dice with stories? Or any pictures?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Sadly all my good dice either burned up in my house, or disappeared when our tabletop group split up. My favorites were the two sets of multicolored "official" TSR dice I bought on the game isle of Wal-Mart. Now I just own a couple of random sets of Chessex. While certainly serviceable they are not storied.

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I don't have one of just my favorites, but I do have one of most of my collection. Terrible photo, but it's what I have right now.




I can point out my favorites, though!


To the lower right, there are the set of spooky pale green dice. That was the "complete set" that came with my pound of dice. They're speckled and do not glow in the dark, even though they look like they ought. Of all the random sets I could have got, I'm not sure I could have done any better if I'd chosen them specially. I love them.


Then next to those are the opalescent garnet red d10s. I got those specially for my Exalted Sidereal, Lion of the Heavens. His hair was meant to be the same color. In the photo, the dice look a deep red, but they're really the sort that catch the light in different ways, sometimes bordering pink. They are so beautiful. I need to buy a complete set that way.


At the very very top, there's a transparent/opalescent tangerine d12. I especially love that it has green numbering. It makes me think even more of a citrus. The color combination is one of my odd favorites, plus it has shiny. What's not to love? There's a similar yellow d6 in the bottom left-ish, next to the Exalted brand d10s, next to two tiny yellow d6s.


I can't see any of my other favorites. Either they're not in the photo, or I don't recognize them without them showing their true colors/textures.


None of them have stories, really. I've rarely used them since most of my gaming has been done digitally. I can say that it's a good thing Lion only used his d10 set a few times. Any time I was playing around and rolling for him, he'd do astoundingly well. But whenever I rolled something for real, he'd just barely manage to scrape by, if he succeeded at all (which he generally didn't).

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While I do have a lot of gamey dice around as well as those included from various kickstarters, my treasured dice are temporarily mislaid along with the leather dice bag I had made for them.


I refuse to think of them as lost as I firmly believe they are merely temporarily unaccounted for, and that one of these years they will turn up when I am not looking for them.

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I had to take a picture. Granted, I don't have any dice as old as the Dr's, but they're all spiffy  ^_^




In the upper right I have a couple sets of Dice of Unending Rolling. They're called that because the 20s in particular never stop rolling. They make great cat toys. The red and purple sets, which have normal d20s, I got for the d3s included in them.


I have a few sets of different colours, partly because I like them and they're pretty, but also because I like having different dice for each character (which is important if you're playing two characters in the same campaign). The dark red ones in the center were my first set. Right now I'm using the dark purple and dark blue dice for my two draconian ladies. The giant purple dice will be for my giantess (Yephima mini  ^_^ ).


Off to the left side are my random dice. I have a few caltrops and extra d6s, a random blue die I think I got from some star wars thing, my purple Stonehaven d6. The dragon dice are very important. If you use dragon dice for a drake character the dragons count as 7s. In my hubby's world kobolds are of the drake family.


Up on the bag (which is velvety) I have my rock paper scissors dice, my die of random torment (roll it to see which body part gets hit!), my d30, and my weird planet symbol and alchemy symbol dice. I like weird dice.

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Gamers never really have enough dice... or as Phil Foglio once put it, "You'd think they eat the things."

There's a lamp at a local store which I desperately want. It's a large, maybe 3 gallon jar, with a cork on the top (the lamp bit is attached to the cork). In the store the lamp is filled with fake fruit.


Guess what I'd fill it with ^_^

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Most of my fun dice are at my friend's house that does the hosting of games.  I leave everything there instead of carting it around.  Hopefully we play again soon (once his family is not longer getting sick) and I can get a pic of my favs.  I see a few in the pics so far that look similar to a few of mine (i.e. round 6 sider, skull for the 1)

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I'll take a shot of my real dice jar tomorrow


but I do have a shot of some dice I got recently to cheer myself up over some KS dissapointments




the lower two sets of D10s have now been joined by a set of d6 and a full 'gaming' set each coz they were pretty (I especially like the green ones)

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