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Torn Armor announces their Kickstarter minis are a maybe.

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Edit: After this thread was started, and after I wrote the post below, Torn Armor have announced that they are looking at working with Reaper to have their kickstarter minis produced although nothing definate has been announced as to a timeframe or what other changes there might be.


So Torn Armor have announced that their miniatures fulfilment portion from their kickstarter is dead. No miniatures for anyone.




In a nutshell, their plans with a manufacturer in China fell through and so instead went with an American company instead. Unfortunately the company they gave all the money earmarked for miniature production to was Tony Reidy and Defiance games. Now Tony has taken Torn Armor's money and is not going to provide them with any minis. This is something he is known for.


I'm not going to say much more here, as I enjoy being a part of the community on Reapers forums and don't want to overstep their rules for posting. But I will say that Tony Reidy and his companies have a very infamous history in the miniatures hobby and I can't believe that the people behind Torn Armor went to him. The best thing I can say about that situation is that it was very naive and something that a google search or just searching news sites should have easily avoided.


I am peeved at Torn Armor for making such an uninformed decision. Bye bye monies.

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Hey everyone- I just sent Alyssa the download codes for every backer to receive a free Castle Winterhawk terrain set, so you all should be getting that soon from her. :)

Perhaps so, but I really don't like when the attention turns to why the victim didn't see it coming rather than the transgressions of the victimizer.   It makes it look like finding the way the vict

WRT to foreknowledge, I was reading the dakkadakka thread Monkeysloth linked and somebody there pointed out the timing of things, which suggests the information about Defiance issues might not have be

Oh wow. This is horrible news.


This is, sadly, one of the risks with Kickstarter in that there's a decent chance that the people running the project may have no idea what they're doing even if they're touted as having experience in the gaming industry (as was the case here). First they went though Eastren Front and then, for KS #2, they go through Tony?


I feel for everyone that lost money by backing this but I don't know if I feel for the Torn Armor people as they've proven more then once that they don't research the people they're giving money too.

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Huh. I knew Defiance had a hard time getting things to market, but I had no idea they were so sketchy.


I disagree that the quality of their stuff is bad at all. I know their first bugs weren't great, but I'm a big fan of the space marine guys that I bought from them last summer, and the newer bugs and units looked good, too.


But doing a search, I now find some of that is no longer available, and some of what was coming up seems to have vanished, as well.


That's a shame.

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Since I backed this only for the minis, the news was a pretty big kick in the dangly bits.

I'm curious who suggested Defiance to them in the first place.


It's too bad they couldn't have worked something out with Reaper's plastic connections in China.

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I had a fair bit invested in this for the minis only too. Even after a few hours I am still stunned that they handed over all that money to Tony.


Torn Armor may as well have spent my money on magic beans.

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