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I have started doing as much painting on the go, on my break at work, as I do at home and let me tell you the plastic bag with the reaper C.U.P. my plastic palette a few paints and the mini in it and carrying my brush case as well (forgot the brush case today got very unhappy). I know there is a better way to do this so lets hear some suggestions preferably without getting two expensive.

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Go to your local hardware store and look at the tool boxes. I used to travel a lot for work and had a nice set up in a moderately sized tool box. I was using it for plastic models rather than minis but I don't see why it wouldn't work just as well. The one I had included a lift out tray that worked well for tools and brushes. I used the bottom for paints but there was plenty of room so I'm sure you could easily set up a safe area to transport figures along with the paints. I've always liked egg cartons with paper towels or foam to keep everything in place. Craft stores also offer a lot of plastic organizers that might work and would fit in the bottom of the tool box. 

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I use a lunch box. It has two parts that are detachable. The bottom it just the right height for the reaper dropper bottles and holds about 50. The top holds all my brushes, water pots, brush cleaner, xacto knife, etc. It can also fit my wet palette (a small sandwich box) when it's not in the fridge. It's so handy I use it even when I'm not travelling.

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I just picked this up on Saturday. It has plenty of room to grow seeing as the only paints I have are from LTPK1 and a few colors from other brands I wanted to try out.  Just about everything I use is in here except my work mat, palette and bowl for water. Will give it a go and see how I like using it. If I hate it well it was only $10.



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I use a sort of Tupperware box.  It has a lid and a brush tray that hooks on the top inside edges.  The tray has a top/palette.  It holds a lot of paint but I still have to leave a few colors at home It has no handle so I put it in a cloth grocery bag.  A little bulky but it contains just about everything I need for standard post-priming work.  I bring it with me to the gaming store so that I can paint with friends.

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I use a container I found at IKEA. It looks like this:




It has the top tray which sits inside. My pallette (a dinner plate) will fit inside the handle of the top tray and neatly divides the bottom area. The top tray currently holds the following:

All of my Reaper, Army Painter, Valjeo, P3, tamiya, and inca gold paints

Super glue & Kicker

sculpting tools

PVA glue

Green stuff (in a pill bottle that doubles as a figure holder for painting)

Brushes (inside another container)

Sprue nippers

small file set

Extra rechargable batteries (aaa for my ottlite)

other misc small tools and accessories needed


The bottom area holds the following:

small portable Ottlite

Hobby knife kit from harbor freight

basing materials (flock, tufts, snow effects,ect...)

double sided foam tape (for attaching mini's to my holder)

Spray primer

extra bases


I think the whole container set was $8 and my only real issue is that the lid doesn't secure itself like other container lids would. However, I just travel with it in a car instead of my motorcycle. If I had to, I could duct tape the lid on. I have another container (the one on the bottom in the pic) that holds my "20" figures yet to paint. I can stack the tray on top of the larger container so everything is easy to reach. I'm sure i'm missing some parts but I don't have my kit in front of me at the moment so I can only name what I can remember. I may edit this when I get home.


Oh and I can fold my work table up and take it with me if needed also.



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For brushes and files you can use a plastic traveling toothbrush holder.


I bought a brush case from Dick Blick.  Figure I invested some good money on nice Kolinsky brushes, might as well get a good case to protect them as well.

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I use a scrapbookers rolling transport. Its big because all my stuff has to go back and forth between two house and our regular CMPA painting sessions. Here is the original link: http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2012/01/paint-transport-for-pack-rat.html


I don't use the big snaptite boxes anymore as they are a bit on the fragile side (paints are heavy). Instead I have four of the Reaper paint cases in there which leaves plenty of room on the top to carry miniatures and anything else I need to transport.


It is on wheels and has a telescoping handle so its pretty easy to move around. Its also pretty tough since its designed to carry around paper and other supplies for scrapbookers. This is the biggest one I could find, but there are smaller ones available as well.



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