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Winter 2014 Miniature Exchange


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Stole those pearlescent rocks from my wife, the red rocks are from our landscaping in the area and I figured you wouldn't have anything like that out in your area, the sand was again stolen from a project my wife had in which she used those shiny rocks with it to make some kind of make-up brush holder in the bathroom. The black stuff is actually the charcoal from water filters I use in my coffee/tea machine. I had like 3 used ones and cut it open to find those black flecks and thought they'd be cool basing stuff to use and so I gave you 2 filters worth as I have quite a few of those things I'll be using. Also, we talked about wine corks and you said you didn't have many as you don't drink wine so I tossed a few of those in there for ya. So with how much basing you do, I figured you could use some new stuff!


Stonehaven I was fishing some information from you a couple of time in your thread asking if you bought things from Stonehaven and what you bought so that I wouldn't give you things you already had!

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Sounds like when I lived in Rural Vermont.

I found out the easiest way to get mail delivered to the "Correct" house

was to have the sender write 'The old Gregory House on South Road".

Got to me everytime !

After I left, the new folks had to write "My last name on South Road".


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Arrived home and two packages waiting for me. Thank you to my two painters. I have you both figured out. One because she included her screen name and the other because he started a sci-fi contest. ^_^


This was my first exchange so this was pretty great. I didn't include any extras or written notes for my two targets. I hope they like the miniatures I painted.

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*paces worried* the post office tracking says that the mini I sent was delivered Friday Morning but so far havnt seen anything on this thread. :S

*waves* Received your package. No more need for worries. ^_^


Yea!!! and sorry I didnt realize we werent suppose to list our forum names when sending it.

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