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Thanks for the information! I love this community. ::P: I'd give everyone a hug but that would be going a bit to far. Thanks, I was having some confusion on trying to go through all the minis and put together army list. You've summed it up great. Thanks.


Dwarves or Orcs are looking good right now. I need to find a few good monsters to stick in them for bigger battles in the future too :devil:

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Monster ideas?


Orcs: Take your pick, that's the beauty of the HOrde! I'd suggest an Orge or two, and even the Lupines would work because htey are mercs.


Dwarves: 3 words - Cave Bear Cavalry. Anyone who met me at Gen Con knows I'll never bring myself to paint, let alone play, Dwarves ever again, but those Cave Bear Cavalry figs just keep calling me. They're so cool. :B): Another suggestion, earth elementals.

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I'm pretty sure I'm going with Dwarfs, I haven't got a chance to see any of my friends who play yet and discuss it over with them yet. I'll probally pull out of the credit card (gulps) and get me a leader for my army.


I was thinking of getting a mounted Dwarf warlord to lead my troops. I saw one in Dark Heaven maybe? :wacko: He could serve as a beast and a leader instead of doing both early out.


Maybe a type of Cave Dragon ... Dwarf mine in mountains and etc, and maybe they came across a den of a dragon. I could see the dwarfs having a "you scratch my back I'll scartch yours" deal with the bady. What are your thoughts? Can you see Dwarfs with a dragon?


Then again painting and using a Earth Elemental or some Bears sounds grand as well. Sigh ... So many more options then "other" wargames.




This was the guy I was thinking of for the mounted warlord.

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