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CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete II


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CSM's second kickstarter for monsters from the Tome of Horrors Complete is live.


No they haven't delivered the previous yet, but it has been showing a lot of progress on greens. Of their other two the small one was completed and the Demons & Devils one is chugging along so I think this is safe enough to support. The prior ToH kickstarter got down to about $2.99 per metal model, so hopefully this one will do similar.


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Seems pre-emptive. The other two are not done then? Does not seem like a good thing to support to me, yet. And no miniatures at all yet, just the art. I am skipping on this until he can somehow convince me this is not going to be a big hassle with fulfillment.

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Looks interesting, but I'll pass.


- too many Kickstarters I'm backing / have backed recently

- I find it a bit ... strange ... to say that one has already created 3 other successful Kickstarter projects, when the rewards of two of them have not (fully) shipped

- with shipping and taxes, it becomes a bit pricy.

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While I'm excited to see more Tome of Horrors stuff (was too broke to back the first, unfortunately,) I agree that it's a little funny to be asking for more money before previous kickstarters are fulfilled.  The Demons and Devils KS REALLY hasn't finished fulfilling yet?  Wasn't that like... forever ago?

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The Demons and Devils KS REALLY hasn't finished fulfilling yet?  Wasn't that like... forever ago?


This is correct. I've received my stuff, but I know at least two other backers that are local to me that have not. I will give Matt credit in that fulfillment seems to be progressing better now, and his communication has improved. However, I can also understand the reluctance of folks like Citrine, who have yet to see any product from CSM.


It wasn't hard for me to resist the first ToH KS, and I think I can pass on this one too. After I have a KoED from the Demons & Devils KS in my hands, then I'll consider picking some of the stuff from this one up at retail.


EDIT: FWIW, the Fanged Sea Serpent looks like it would make a great figure for DeepWars. I hope Drew knocks it out of the park.



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So, why exactly are they launching this now? If they actually believe what they've been saying on TOH1, by late April they should have fulfilled enough US backer's rewards to give them some actual credibilty. Pretty strong credibility possibly, as being only 4 months late would compare favorably to many a miniatures Kickstarter.


This way? Got to wonder if they ran out of cash before they ran out of project on TOH1...

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Well, I have received my demons and devils, and I'm very happy with them. I think it might even be the KS where I feel I've gotten the most value out of my money (maybe with the exception of Reaper Bones). And I am actually quite happy with the progress of Tome of Horrors I; there are a few left to sculpt I think, but the list of greens we've seen is long, and many of them are to my liking (I wonder if there is a graphic showing all the finished greens from ToHI, anyone know?).


But I totally understand the reluctance to back for people still waiting on the demons and devils. I wouldn't back either if I didn't have them on hand.


This is the second kickstarter I've backed in my kickstarter-free year. If any of you weaker souls want some advice on how to show such iron resolve, do drop me a line

Hmmm, this'll be my fourth. Sure, Red Box Games and the DCC dice are only for around $40 each, but still, not a good start given that it's only February 1st.
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(I wonder if there is a graphic showing all the finished greens from ToHI, anyone know?).


I believe the closest to that is the image I made, though its a bit out of date. Maybe I'll sit down and update it...


*UPDATE* I've gone through and added all the greens I could find to the image below.



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