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Fireteam Zero by Emergent Games


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Not sure how this works. But totally forgot to update people that their second kickstarter to translate to French has been up for a while now. Less than 2 days to go (38 hours at the time of this post).




If you kickstarted the first one for the miniatures, you don't have to do anything, these new miniatures (or duplicate ones) will be added to that package. 

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Maybe someone who has been following these kickstarters can correct and clear things up for me. I'll admit I haven't been following this closely but here's my understanding of where things sit.

The first KS was cancelled. To be relaunched at a later date.

The second KS was funded, but the expected October fulfilment has been delayed.

Now a third KS is live, and they are wanting to ship the already delayed rewards from the second KS with the rewards from the yet to be completed third kickstarter?

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Apologies Darsc, didn't even see your response to this. 
First one = cancelled.
Second one = success.
Third one = tacking on to the second one with translation into French.
Delivery date = Aiming for end of Q1.
There newest update: Update

1) Talks about updating figures, here are some quick shots to some fixes on the skin fetch:




To fix it, we removed the flapping coat and replaced it with a leather wrap. Chris Deavellar also added a trophy collection to top things off, which was an awesome touch :) 
Here's the fixed version!

2) Sizing:

Except for the bosses who have custom bases, all of the other figures share one of 4 common bases: 26.6mm round base for human-ish sized figures, 39mm round base for bigger figures, a pentagonal base for psychic specialists, and a square base for lore specialists.  Here's a peek at what they look like:

3) Map changes
4) Production updates: While Chinese New Year is in effect, they will be working on manuals, missions, and artwork.
5) Schedule: They are hoping to stick with their timeline, but if production provides more miniatures they need to fix, it will push the date a few weeks.
6) Pledge Manager: If you backed the third project (French translation), the pledge manager will remain open for a few more weeks for last minute orders/changes. 
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I just opened my copy of the base game. The board game components look rather nice with plenty of room for the expansions in the trays. The real standout is the miniatures though.


While not the real purpose of the get together, I'll see if I can demo the game tonight.



P.S. Addons/expansions will be coming in a second wave.

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