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Looks great! The NMM is really stellar. My one suggestion would be to push the contrast on the browns a little higher; the tunic especially looks a little flat. The freehand is very nice as well.


You're right about the armour, I'll rework the highlight. Thanks!

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There's a tapestry called "The Osberg Tapestry" that depicts a man in a very prominent position (in the upper right hand corner) who is clearly wearing a horned something, but it's a very abstract piece of art so it's really impossible to tell.  This is where the idea of the viking "horned helmets" came from - it propagated particularly in the 19th Century.  There are, however, horned helmets among the Celts (again, probably ceremonial since they were pretty impractical.)  Oddly enough, other than the horns, the helmet has a very actual Viking design - the "eyebrows" and the oculars (the goggle-like appearance) are both features of real Nordic helmets.


As to the figure itself - it's a pretty amazing job.  I love the freehand on the cloak (Fenris and the MIdgard Serpent, perhaps?,) the shading on the figure itself. the stripes on the breeches, and the NMM on the hammer.  Very nice!


The armor is a bit flat, it's true.  Looking forward to see the rework!

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      I backed their original Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Good miniatures. 
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