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Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Single Entry Thread


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Main Rules & Discussion thread




Single Figure Open is for any miniature that doesn't fit into the other two categories.  Submit anything you like as long at it meets the General Rules.


Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 50 points.  There are no defined rules for judging in this category and so they judges score however they like.


Prizes for Single Figure Open

  • 1st--$50 reaper online gift card
  • 2nd--$25 reaper online gift card
  • 3rd--$15 reaper online gift card
  • Drawing -- $15 reaper online gift card
General Rules
  • All entries must be made by Reaper.
  • Entries must be in by March 3rd at 11:59 pm MST
  • Enter as many times as you want but only one entry per person per category can win.
  • Each entry needs to be uploaded to the appropriate thread. Please attach your entries using the forum uploading feature or hotlink from the Inspiration Gallery. We want to make sure they're visible at all times.
  • You may submit between one and four images of each entry (unless stated otherwise for a category's individual rules). They do not need to be stitched into a single image file.
  • Digital enhancement ("Photoshopping") of your entry is strictly prohibited.
    • No clone brush, healing brush, airbrush, or other brush work. Fix your paint with paint, not with Photoshop.
    • No adding or removing background elements from the image
    • If you add a logo or a watermark Reaper cannot use your image in their gallery. Note that if your image is selected for the Reaper gallery, you will be credited by name under the image.
    • Cropping, global color balance, and global level adjustments are allowed ("global" means "the entire image." You may not "pop" colors by only selecting some areas for level adjustment.
  • You are allowed to enter miniatures that will also be entered into other contests that might overlap ours.
  • We are not going to police your entries as to when they were started\finished. We hope that people would paint something for this contest and not just enter something they finished a while ago as this is a fun and friendly contest.
  • The judges or Reaper reserves the right to remove entries if deemed inappropriate, but we're pretty laid back here and this is just to cover our butts.
  • The judges and Reaper can clarify and amend rules at will.
Basing and Modding Rules
  • You are allowed to use non-Reaper parts for modding a figure.  However you cannot change a figure more then 25% with non-Reaper parts unless it's a weapon.
    • Example 1: Weapon swapping-- Always allowed with non-reaper parts
    • Example 2: Adding a weapon to the mini -- Always Allowed with non-reaper parts
    • Example 3: Placing a reaper minis head on a non-reaper miniature-- Not allowed.
  • You are allowed to use non-Reaper parts for basing.  No limits to this rule.
Requesting Feedback -- Many times people like to get feedback for their entries on how they can improve.  We like trying to provide this but it takes a LOT of time to do and so we have the following rules on how to do so:
  • The first thing in your entry post should be something along the lines of "Feedback Please" or "I'd like feedback" in bold.  There's no set rule on what that statement needs to be but it needs to be the FIRST thing in your post and in BOLD.
  • After that ask specific questions on what you'd like information on.  An example would be: "How can I get features to stand out more" or "any advice on how to paint a better face?".  The more generic the question the harder it is for a judge to offer feedback so just asking "How can I improve LOL?!?!?!?!" may not get a response from a judge.
    • You can ask more then one question but please remember that the judges don't get compensated for their time so be respectful of it.
  • Asking for Feedback does not guarantee you will get any.  We'll try but sometimes there's not enough time or the judges don't have anything to say.
  • These requests MUST be made before the contest ends.  No exceptions
Requesting Scores -- If you wish to know your score after the contest has ended just send me a PM.  These are always available and there's no specific conditions (outside of asking) to get. Edited by MonkeySloth
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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

As shown in the Show Off section and to break the ice of yet another exciting Painting Excuse Challenge allow me to enter my bearded friend... Please welcome, Dhulrekk Thulfinson the Rune Warrior 14588. He was sculpted by Jason Wiebe as part of the Kragmarr faction.








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I request feedback, please.


FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc...Single Figure Entry)


TITLE..." Uruk-Hai "...Orc comes from the Latin Orcus and has descended through the ages in many languages and meanings..." underworld, hell ", " devil ", "evil creature", "ogre", "orke", "orco" and "huerco". All these names referring to one of the monstrous descendants of the giant Ymir. The most fierce of the specie is "uruk-hai" or the "black orc".


This figure depicts such an "uruk-hai" warrior.







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catdancer,   is there meant to be a picture! :rock:

Hi robinh;


Yes...there were supposed to be (4) pictures...I am a total novice in varied computer operations...so I have no idea as to what went wrong. I just came back to check on my posting and discovered that there were no pictures...what do I do now?


How do I now post my (4) pictures to my original entry post?




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I request feedback, please.


FIGURE...REAPER (# 02663 = Knight of the Ivy Crown...Single Figure Entry)


TITLE...Kalebb...Within the mountains of Tarea...past the Pash Velly and through the subterranean city of the undead (Azdun)...is the high summit of Kalebb, upon which can be found the legendary " bloodrose "...This scene depicts Lord Casden Darmor standing on the summit...ready to pluck the fabled rose that will restore life to his beloved Jacquelyn.







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Here's my Reaper Earth Elemental painted up as a Magma Elemental.  I sculpted the base.






(I'll leave him here as a placeholder.  I may want to fiddle with the base if I get time over the weekend.)

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I request feedback, please.


FIGURE...REAPER (# 14579 = Handmaiden of Keskura)...(Single Figure Entry)...


TITLE/IMAGE...My miniature depicts my Jungle Girl running through her purple hue realm and arriving at the sandy beach on her island of Mora Toba...Her name is Lahini (from Roger Kipling...meaning she-wolves).


RE-POSTING...This is a re-post of this contest entry. The 1st posting was removed due to topless nudity. I am fully aware of the nudity rule and follow it with full and due respect; but in this case...the posting of the photos (instead of links) was indirectly approved and suggested by the contest director...which I/we followed. Then without any notice and/or

notification/warning...my entry and the entry of Primeval (of the same figure) were just removed.






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Feedback please (for a 9 year old, please exclude the base)


This is a Mousling my daughter painted as her first mini. She was very excited to have it entered, but she left for the last leg of her summer vacations so I put together a quick base, and painted it so that it looked more "finished". She told me to do it and please post the pics here. 


Except for that, the mini painting is all hers. It took a lot of control from my side, not to take the brush and demonstrate a technique ON the little guy, but I managed. 







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