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So I made this not-quite-ready-for-prime-time architectural feature out of Magic Sculpt.  It's the same on both sides except the rings match up (even if they aren't in a plank).  My molding skills aren't up to casting it, which is a pity because a few based copies would work pretty well for the weekly Swords and Wizardry session.  10 points to the first person that can tell me why it's a partial cartouche shape.  Also, Lysette's grumpy that I took her picture without makeup.

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I've recently been messing around with a few Instant Mold products from Hobby Lobby.


Something like this, you could probably cast in two pieces (front and back), sand them and then glue together if you wanted a full 3d door like the sculpt.  One of the challenges would be that most of the instant mold stuff shrinks at various rates depending on water content.  I think you could get a number of good casts with something like this that doesn't have too many severe angles or undercuts.

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Jake - the reason I made this one was to get around the two part method.  It's how I made this one:




Lining it up is a bit of a pain.  Okay for one, but causes a bit of blanching at the thought of a dozen or so for a full level layout.  Once I started doing some casting in Durham's I came to the conclusion that mold making and casting are their own entirely separate skill sets (that I don't particularly enjoy) from the whole sculpting and painting hobby that I have.  Probably why I don't have any Hirst Arts stuff, fabulous as their products seem to be.  Guess I need to find someone who thinks vulcanizers are the coolest thing since sliced bread...

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