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2014 Class Schedule


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The ReaperCon Class Schedule can now be found here:



The ReaperCon Games Schedule can be found here:



There are options to look at just a given day, or to see everything.  Play around.


*the schedule will be removed from this post when the ReaperCon website is updated with the schedule




We have several instructors we are working with to finalize the details of their classes. These will fill most of the TBD (To Be Determined) spaces.  



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Schedules removed and replaced with links.
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Top Posters In This Topic

No clue what I should do.  Prob a very basic class since all I have done is LTPK1 and working on a couple of my own Bones minis that are not turning out as well with out direction.


If I wanted help in painting clothes (basecoating, shading, highlighting) would one of those be a good fit for me?  I ran through the list but may have missed one that would be better than the couple I saw.

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