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Stonehaven Gnomes and Foundry Orcling

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This is another piece that I've completed for the Winter Painting Challenge I'm participating in. One of the features of the Challenge is that every two weeks we have a themed entry competition. (in between those two weeks we speed paint as many figures as humanly possible).


I painted up these Stonehaven Gnomes doing battle against a Foundry Orcling for the Heroes theme. As part of the scene I included some mushrooms that many of you will be familiar with. They were sculpted for me by my friend and forum member Malefactus and I thought they added a lot to the work.











Thank you for your time.


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Wow Anne, those are gorgeous. I am always inspired by your use of colors. Great job as always.  ^_^


Thank you. For the next six weeks I'm going to be painting only in browns, blacks, whites and greys. Shocking I know  :;):



As always; beautiful enchanting work...great colors, shading, expressions...you always seem to turn out magnificent wonderland pieces!


Paul (Catdancer)


Thank you Paul. I just did a flying monkey that I haven't posted yet and it's pretty trippy looking.



Arg, these are on my to-paint list, luckily they are so tiny I was able to sneak them past the wife easily!


Great job!


They're lovely little figures and paint up pretty quickly. Make a present of them to your wife.



Very nice.  Wonderfully vibrant.


I love Foundry's fantasy stuff.  It's nice to see it be treated so well.  


I've got three of the Orcling Outriders and right after I started buying up the Orc collection, they discontinued the line  :grr:



So good.


Thank you!



If I had only one word to describe your creations, it would be ENCHANTING. Each piece has a lovely, charming personality that seems to be brought out by your FINE brushwork & glowing color choices. BEAUTIFULLY WELL DONE!


Thank you Your Most High Eminence. 'Tis I am that enchanted by your beautiful shrooms and the ambiance they provide my fertile creativity astounds and amazes me.  


Also I have begun work on the Swan Ship you sent me.  The figure head is complete and next I'll start on those massive wings next. Methinks I shall be snow blind by the time I get done painting all that white  :wow:

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