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Zombie 15' (only 6 days left)


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Zombie 15' is a game like Zombicide or Zpocalypse.


You have only 15 Minutes to win the game. During a scenario you are playing a CD and every time you hear zombies growling, more of them will appear.


It looks like they will get their game translated in many languages later, but translated versions will not appear with this Kickstarter. :-(

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Zombicide Minis are for bigger than 28mm, too. Personally I'm only interested in the heroes and the big zombie. Only problem I have with them is, they are teens, and I do not think they should be soo big.


Biggest problem I have with the scenario video is, that I would go through the gardens and not on the streets to get to the goal.

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I do not like the CD.

There are so many smartphones and tablets available with Apple or Android on it, or even Notebooks. Why not using an App which creates randomly different sound effects? Even more and different effects would be possible.

With an App it could be even possible to change the volume of the sound or even use other sounds later if the gamers don't want to hear them anymore.

(I often remove the sound of computer games after a while, because I don't want to hear it a while later anymore.)




During a scenario you are playing a CD

I'm guessing you don't have friends in the LGBT community :p



No not really much, but I'm curious, what gives you the idea thinking of it? I like to increase my still small knowledge of everything.

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So far the "First Proofs" are utter utter crap, I've seen more detail on GW epic miniatures.


Another case of 3D renders bearing no resemblance to actually sculpts .






For 35mm these are terrible.


I hope they improve them for all backers involved

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