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Uruk-Hai with battle staff...(WIP)


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FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)


TITLE...Uruk-Hai with battle staff!...I removed the axe and replaced it with an orc battle staff from my parts box...The figure has the first body color base coat which is a mixture of (black/espresso/hauser dark green)...as shown in Photos # 1 & # 2.


NOTE...This figure will be my 3rd contest entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Single Entry Thread)


ADDITIONAL PHOTOS...Are a reply to a PM I received from a member who was interested and asked about the paints, brushes, glues, etc. that I used in my work on figure, vignettes and dioramas...Believe it or not; I am a miser and hate spending money on high priced paints, brushes, etc...so I work with what is the least expensive and that works for me and what I want to accomplish.


PHOTO # 3...Shows the (6) flesh tone colors that I use on my human figures (usually mix 2 or 3 to get the tone that I want)...you can also see the (2) colors that I use for the shadings on the flesh skin...All are acrylic paints.


PHOTO # 4...Shows (26) of my acrylic paints (have 130 varied shades)...also show (8) of my artists inks (have 40 varied shades).


PHOTO # 5...Shows my basic items I use...white glue, hot stuff, brush cleaner, metallic creams and the gold paint I received from my Christmas Sophie.


PHOTO # 6...Shows my assortment of brushes (none of which cost me over $ 5.00)...each cut down and shaped to how I need it for the specific job it does. If you look carefully...you will see that I also use cosmetic brushes from female cosmetic sets.


PHOTO # 7...Shows my very simple paint pallet...a piece of hard board with aluminum foil...as well as my water bowl for my acrylic paints.


PHOTO # 8...Shows my chalks...that I use on most of my wood (real wood) work...also for rust, dust, texture, etc.


So you see that I do what I do with the most simple items...and to answer your last question...NO, I do not use an airbrush (do not have one, have never had one and have never used one).


Paul (Catdancer)

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