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2014 Year of the Giants -- Diorama entries


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Gorf, although frightening to look at, was always on the lookout for new friends. He had met Squeak, his shoulder buddy, in a barn and had rescued Red, his foxy friend from a snare. Caw liked shiny things and had led him to the old battlefield, scattered with old weapons and bones.

He was surprised the scavenger just ran away, and left his lil buddy...

He'd never leave one of his buddies behind, maybe the lil pup would be his new friend?

He'd call him Woof !


Thanks for looking!
Reaper Figures: 02685: Formorian Giant, P60048B: Fox, 03567: Familiar Pack X (Caw/sword), 02677: Townsfolk IV: Bandits, (1).


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Gunther has finally come of age.  He has slain many in the name of the King of the Fire Lands, and now he has asked for the hand of the king's daughter.  It matters not how Gunther has proven himself thus far.  It matters not that he has slain the fire drake of the Ash Lands, or that he has vanquished the evil sea dragon of Thesonali.  No, for her, she will take nothing less than the hide of the vile plague now infesting the Cinder Forest, a long lost resource for the King's forges.  After weeks of study and travel, Gunther and his trusty hellhounds Cinder and Smoke track down the beast near its lair.  In the early dawn they set out, Smoke hot on the trail.  Throughout the day they exchange wits in a game of cat and mouse until finally, the moment comes.  Without hesitation the three move into action.  They can only hope they are the quicker.







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