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2014 Year of the Giants -- non-Reaper entries


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PIP 41094 Galleon


Dear Honored Sirs,


Black Anchor counts you among its noblest friends and patrons.
Without your dedication to our services and goods, our modest company could never have reached the pinnacle of success we now enjoy. You have shown the discernment of a connoisseur and unflinching dedication to the highest standards— standards we strive not only to meet, but to exceed. We will proudly stand by our product even when set against the best
machines any kingdom arsenal can produce! You may have encountered such hyperbole from our competitors in the past, but you know we do not make such claims lightly.
It is for this reason we send you this missive. You stand among the select few in all of western Immoren who possess the hard-earned wealth and the foresight to take advantage of groundbreaking opportunities such as the one we now offer. With these considerations in mind, we give you the chance to be the among the first to own the most powerful implement of war ever created. We encourage you to act quickly. Such a chance may not come again, and we anticipate a high degree of interest.
We call it the Galleon, a construct as massive and unyielding as the ships from which it draws its name. It has been perfectly designed to advance the interests of those who earn their living as swords for hire and takes into account the wide-ranging needs of that noble profession. The Galleon towers over even the largest of the warjacks that came before it, and yet it retains all the flexibility of those smaller cousins. Furthermore, its arsenal includes sufficient instruments of defense and offense to make those of a fortress pale in comparison. Never has so much firepower been concentrated in a single walking arsenal. Engineered to provide you the battlefield control you demand, the Galleon will grant you the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and vanquish anyone who stands in your way. It does so with advanced mechanikal innovation, exhilarating steam-powered performance, and remarkable precision.
The Galleon is easily maintained to take the fight to your enemies for decades to come! Our expert mechaniks are prepared to train any qualified steam worker in the upkeep of this modern marvel. We look forward to further correspondence with you as together we open an exciting new chapter in both our partnership and the pursuit of peace in western Immoren.
Waldron Faller
Chief Mechanik
Black Anchor Heavy Industries
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