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I just saw the The LEGO Movie tonight with my 15 year old son and my parents and, in essence, "everything is awesome"!



It's funny, fast and furious and the animators responsible for pulling together all the scenes must have had SO MUCH FUN!

It's definitely much more an adult movie than a kid's movie, as it's full of all sorts of references to pop culture and LEGO history that will definitely hit the mark for most over-40 LEGO Builders and the many of the savvy over-30's. At our showing there were numerous points where belly laughs erupted throughout the theatre, as well as some honestly felt cheering and well deserved clapping. The few really young kids in the audience may have gotten a bit bored in a couple of places, but most of the film was filled with enough frenetic action to make up for that.

Totally Five Stars! ★★★★★

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Don't wait on the six year old. Seriously. You should see it with at least one other adult who ever played with LEGO bricks, if for no other reason than you have someone to share the "OMG, did you notice that?!?" moments with.


In fact, a six year old is at the edge of the age group where most of what makes it so good will really just woosh over his little head anyway.


Oh, and unless you're the type who just isn't able to watch movies shown in 3D, you really ought to see it in 3D if you can.  ^_^

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Too bad on the kid part, I was kind of hoping to take my three year old to her second movie (first was Frozen).


Well, if she likes bright colours and fast action then she'll enjoy the majority of it. She just won't "get" a lot of the stuff that's "really" going on outside of the basic storyline of an accidental hero trying to save the world despite not actually being anything other than an ordinary guy. Thats the stuff that makes this such a great movie.


In many ways it kinds of reminds me of "Despicable Me" and "Despicable Me 2", both of which had a fairly obvious storyline that kids would enjoy but which were also full to brimming with references and humour aimed directly at an older audience.  (I saw both of these for the first time quite recently and both my husband and I were busting a gut laughing through most of the show. Our 15 year old was quite bemused - "I thought it was okay-funny. I had no idea you guys would think it was so hilarious.")

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I think How to Train Your Dragon 2 is out this year, too.


Mixed feelings.  It might be pretty good, even very good, but I don't think it can match the first. 


*I thought of this due to Slendertroll's post, because I hauled HTTYD out of the cheapo DVD bin and expected it to be garbage.  If I hadn't been too lazy to get up and pick a different movie, I might never have watched it. 

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my 6 year old nephew, who doesn't like Legos


 He doesn't like LEGOs??? Have you seen a doctor about that?



 I'm totally going to see the LEGO Movie - from what I've seen, it's largely based on the sort of humor from the LEGO video games, and I love those...

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my 6 year old nephew, who doesn't like Legos



 He doesn't like LEGOs??? Have you seen a doctor about that?



 I'm totally going to see the LEGO Movie - from what I've seen, it's largely based on the sort of humor from the LEGO video games, and I love those...

Yeah. I'm not too sure what happened there.

There's something about the design of the Lego people he doesn't like. He's crazy about the Playmobile police and pirates sets though.

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