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Some day in the far distant future, we're going to do a mousling campaign. Right now I have all the mouslings availble from reaper, as well as the LJC minis, so I know how they all scale to each other. But I'm thinking that in this far off campaign we'll need other critters.


Darksword makes cool critters (seaturtle pirate!). However, darksword doesn't have anything in their pictures to indicate scale. Aside from one picture that compares the big badger to a fox. Not that helpful when you don't know how big the fox is in the first place.


Anyway, does anyone here have some of the Darksword critters and could maybe post pictures with some reaper minis (mouslings would be best) so I can get an idea of how big they are?


I'm specifically wanting any of their turtles, the owl mage  :wub: , possum, guinea pigs, squirrel, or mice. I have a frog, so I don't need those so much.


Soooo much cuteness~  :blush:

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I'm going to try to post some pics, but last time I tried that it was a fail.  First of all I suck at camera, secondly I couldn't get them linked.  But I do have some of the DarkSword stuff, mostly random odd critters, and all you want is an idea of scale, so hopefully this will do.  All of the minis I have are still packaged, so I'll sandwich them in between Lara Kraft and the Easter mouseling to give some perspective.  As Girot says most of them are larger, but to me their scale is kind of random.  I did a photo with two of the frogs, and you can see that though overall they are roughly the same size with the extra bits, the heads aren't the same size.  It's kinda close, but not quite.

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I can't get the pics to work. I've tried using the image and the link tool, when the window comes up and I paste my stuff it does nothing. Then When I try to x out it says something about how options have changed. Then I'm stuck and have to reload the forums.


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In the process of putting a order for DS anthros for my mouseling-Hommlet @ ReaperCon adventure.




I've got the pirate cat & she sizes up quite well with the mouselings. Pretty much a Tom to the Jerrys, you might say ::):

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I love the Darksword line, I opened up my Owl Mage and placed her next to Madam Gorgonzola for a scale shot for you. Please excuse the iphone picture. The only ones I painted I placed in the photo as well my Frog Jester which is on a block so hard to tell scale and the goat necromancer (Gencon speed paint). I was going to open the Sea Pirate Turtle for you but he would require assembly.  


Hope this helps, I would recommend the Dark Sword Critters as they are wonderfully detailed and a joy to paint. Can't wait to see how you paint them if you decided to get them.



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I like that.  I actually think that works better for a game designed for kids.  The larger animals would identify better as the "adults" of the adventure.


Okay I am soooooo doing a kid's adventure module now.

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Thank you Marsya! And thank you to Matbar for dueling the new options to try to post picts  ^_^


That picture is very helpful for me. I think I'll get the owl and turtles first  ::D:


You know you wanna play Mouseling in Hommlet @ RCon now ::):

Just sayin.....

As if I wasn't sad enough that I can't go to Reapercon... you go and make me sadder :lol:

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I was just going through Darksword making a birthday wish list and a couple more questions occurred to me:


Are the mouses and hamster the same size as the cats? And are the foxes the same size as the cats?


This picture shows that the squirrel is the same size as the fox (very disappointing, squirrels need to be smaller than the cats and foxes).



There's a few of the foxes I might like if they're the same size as the cats. And I was thinking of making their mouses rats, since they're pointier of nose than the mouslings. So it wouldn't be bad if they were bigger than the mouslings, but I wouldn't want them to be as big as the foxes and cats.

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