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Sword & Wizardy mouseling race

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So I let the mouse out of the bag in the ReaperCon forum that I'm gonna run a S&W version of Hommlet at RCon this year. Now I asked earlier about adopting Mouselings to a D&D race, but what you do think for S&W. Obviously since S&W gets its rules from D&D they should be quite the same but I don't want to over-power the mice compared to the other races. Granted, the mouselings replace the human race in this game with other animals replacing various race (ie no traditonal PC races).


I was thinking the following ideas:


+1 DEX, -1 STR (thou the muscle-bound barbarian mouseling mini will get +2 STR -1 INT -1 DEX; He built his muscles vs his brain & mobility LOL)


20' movement rate thou I'm playing with a sudden burst movement similar to how mice move, maybe once per combat, add 10'?


infravision thou I'm not sure of the range right now. I don't want it out to 60' like normal characters as everyone has it, maybe 30'?


For thief skills I was thinking


+5% Climb Walls

+5% Move Silently

+5%Hide in Shadows


Any ideas?




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If you aren't using any of the traditional races, and mouselings are basically the default race, why not give them no adjustments, making them the human equivalents? Then the muscle bound guy doesn't need inherent bonuses, he just needs a high strength. That is unless you are making them small sized rather than medium, then they should have small sized adjustments similar to halflings.


Mice aren't actually very good at sneaking or climbing, the sneaking is just due to size. I've heard and spotted more than a few over the years. This is why they are so often prey for cats, who do know a thing or two about stealth. And they aren't really weak except due to small size. A large rat is quite strong, I'd actually say stronger than a similar sized cat.


If the anthropomorphic races are similar size, I'd give cats a dex bonus and a strength penalty. And probably a wisdom negative and a charisma bonus.


A dog I would give a con bonus but an intelligence and wisdom penalty. This is to reflect their loyalty to even a cruel master, and ability to take abuse from same.


Of course Swords and Wizardry is a very basic version of D&D, I don't think even elves and dwarves have racial stat adjustments, so you might want to take the same route and have all creatures with the same base stats. Then if someone wants a strong mouseling or a wise canine, there are no barriers.

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If everything is going to be an anthropomorphic creature; maybe none of them should have a 3-18 distribution for strength.

Maybe 3-12 (3D4).


Cats might have Dex values of 3-24 (3D8).


Squirrels would get all the climbing bonuses.


Badgers ought to get a pretty serious Toughness bonus (errr, wait, I am  speaking Warhammer).


Wolverine stats... :wow:

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Actually the Mouseling race is really all I need as that is the PCs. Ever thing else is against them. I can fudge those. Ha ha.


I think I'm gonna scrap the ability mods as s & w doesn't use ability mods.


I still like the move bonus & limited infravision.

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