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Bones II - Most Eagerly Awaited Models?


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Hm, tough question. There's so many I'm looking forward to!  :bday:


Out of the ones we're getting, I'm most looking forward to (in no particular order):


-Gelatinous cube (I shall make it eat people OMNOMNOM)

-Water elementals




-All of the animals in the Core set; we don't have anywhere near enough critters :)

-This guy, since I've been wanting to get him for awhile now

-Dragon hatchlings

-Troll slayer Sophie


And out of the ones we aren't getting:

-Lions from Expansion 1

-All of the angels from Expansion 2


-Demon lord of minotaurs from Expansion 2


So, yeah, just a few.  ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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DDS2 and Narthrax are my obvious choices, but I'm quite curious to see how the Mouslings look in Bones as I'm quite a fan of theirs in metal.


Also eager to see the Heroes and Villains set and find out how well their bases came out as that is something I would like to see Reaper do more of.

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Definitely looking forward to getting my hands on those Kev White barbarians and the Lords of Darkness, plus I've wanted to get Dragoth the Defiler since it first came out (I've been so close to getting it every time I've made an order).

Then I'm eagerly anticipating army building when the Bones are out for general release, specifically the bugbears, zombies, barrow wardens, Anhurians, cavalry and aliens.

Oh, and there's that big bad minotaur demon. He's going to be pretty boss.

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