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Selfmade Gras for Basing or Gaming Board

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Few weeks ago I used Sandpaper to make out of cork, cork dust.

Used water and a green color to get it green.

I had it at first in a small glass container, but it needed very long to dry.

So I dried it on a baking tray.


I think it is really good, but sometimes there are bigger parts in it.

It will not be the same as static gras, but I do not want to buy static gras for a big 180x120 gaming board. In Germany it is very expensive and only available in small bags.


In the moment I'm thinking of getting fine cork dust or fine wood/saw dust. And try this.


Has anyone experience of making selfmade gras?


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If faux means fake, did you make 'faux gras'?  Sorry - bad joke there.


Not for super fines, but for added detail, I use paint brush bristles.  Cheap paint brush and a pair of scissors gives you a large pile of grass for basing.  Not sure it would work well for a whole, board, though - more for added detail by rocks and such.

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Sawdust grass is a fairly common cheap grass. You can even find paper with attached sawdust already painted or dyed green in hobby stores.


There's a widespread genus of plant, Typha (we call them cattails here, but the name varies quite a bit across its range).. Harvest the heads in the autumn, then allow them to dry out. When they're dry, the seeds make very nice grass. But make very sure that you allow them to dry out in a sealed bag, because otherwise you'll get a huge mess of seed pods.

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The idea to use this cheap version is I saw a Games Workshop version of gras which could be made from saw dust also. It is possible that it is an other product from GW or Citadel, because I can't find this anymore.

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When I first started down this road to madness, saw dust was The Way to do grass. The only real draw back to it is it does look flat. Hemp or sisal rope unwound & cut into a length of your choice in another alternative. It accepts paint nicely, has a realistic appearance, & is quite inexpensive.


Here's an example of it as tall marsh grass:






Lately I've been cutting the rope into sections & adding a drop of super style glue to the bottom to make grass clusters. If all that's confusing let me know & I'll try to clarify.



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Sisal and paint brush bristles I used already, too. It is good for basing single miniatures, but I do not want to use it for bigger projects.


I'm starting my with making my first gaming mats soon. First I want to make my own version of deluxe mats for Mars Attacks. Luckily I will not need gras for this project or not much.

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