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Pathfinder Society at ReaperCon


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I have been playing RPG's for 20 plus years but have never played a game at a Con. Do you have to bring anything (Charater,Dice, Mini) or is it provided?

Pathfinder Society provides some pregenerated characters, if you want to try it out. I would guess that Raphael will have them with him. If not, I might, even though I am not GMing PFS.


You an also visit Paizo.com and download the Pathfinder guide to organized play, if you'd like to build your own character beforehand. Minis are not automatically provided, but if you can't find something that will work at ReaperCon, then all hope is lost. ::):


I would suggest bringing along a set of polyhedral dice, but I'm sure you can borrow some, if you need to.


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Further update: if you play in either of my games, the most you will need is 3d6 in 3 different colors.

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I can tell you all but one round will be fine for lower level characters 1-5.  We will have multiple rounds going each slot.  I will post a firmer schedule when I get confirmation of the number of GM's I have available.  We will probably offer a few special rounds that will not be openly published since we will have 3 Venture officers at the Con. 

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Yes - for the first time this year we will be allowing you to sign up for game slots in advance.  


the ReaperCon website will have a games and events section, that will be updated as details come in from our GMs.  "tickets" to a game, such as these games, may be purchased for Free.


To make purchases, you must register with the site AND have a valid badge already purchased,or in the cart alongside any games, classes, or meals.

Bryan, I signed up for one of the Pathfinder slots when events went live, but that may have been a mistake. Is there a way for me to switch to a different one, one the scenario schedule is fixed?

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