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Fill it with sand? If anything the weight is nice in hand.

fine for you Americans, but I would have to fill it there and leave it. It is apparently illegal to transport soil across the border

Fill it here.....then empty it Here before you leave.

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I can't wait till I have a house big enough to accommodate a whole room of fabric. That would be fantastic. 


Need to introduce you to the GF. She DOES have a whole room full of fabric...

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Ah, she is one of US. <Giggle>. I'm trying to limit mine to only one room....


When my wife started quilting I thoroughly encouraged it. Now she can't give me a hard time about my minis.


See, that was kind of a bonding moment between us. I have containers and containers of miniatures, toy parts, terrain, and generalized junk that I have no use for at the MOMENT, but that might or will come in handy in the future. SHE has containers and containers of fabric, fabric scraps, quilting bits, remnants, and ... stuff.


And both of us had former spouses who gave us facefuls of crap about accumulating stuff without a clear purpose in the immediate future.


Love at first sight.

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