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ReaperCon Cosplay


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I think I might need to enlist some help in finding a pattern for my costume. I've never sewn off of a pattern before, so I'm not sure where the best places are to search, or specifically what words to search for.


I'm trying to find a pattern for a dress similar to the black one on the right, but with bell sleeves (though I assume sleeves are pretty easy to modify...?)


(Spoiler'd due to large image)







I have a friend who makes all sorts of costumes whose help I will enlist, but I want to be able to bring her the pattern, fabric and thread to make things easier. My plan is to find a starry/astronomy patterned fabric to make the dress out of, which I will dress up with sparkly jewelry.  ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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I'm really tempted to just bring sith regalia, but not sure that's close enough in theme...

More to the theme than my idea.  If I can't think of anything better, I was going to wear a Hawaiian Shirt, carry around some plastic dinosaurs and say "I'm a leaf on the wind" a lot.



And on the last day of the Con do we get to shove a massive chunk of metal through your chest?


Ooooh Auction opportunity!  :lol:

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