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What are considered "average" stats in Warlord?


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I'm looking for the most average (probably human, since theyr'e usually the standard) stats in Warlord. The only real widely known comparison I can muster up is Warhammer where humans are generally all 3s out of 10 across the board except for leadership, where they're usually 7 out of 10. Having a stat of 1 below 3 is generally considered "untrained" and one above the 3 is considered well-trained/exceptional rather than just trained. 2 or more above is usually reserved for elite or special race/creature attributes.


For example.. the average human trained soldier in Warhammer comes out to:

Movement 4 (this is the standard movement, only in exceptional cases does this vary.. like an elf or beastman - also being mounted or flying)

Weapon Skill 3

Ballistic Skill 3

Strength 3

Toughness 3

Leadership 7

Wounds 1

Attacks 1


A better trained one comes out to

Weapon Skill 4

Ballistic Skill 4

Strength usually stays the same but in some circumstances can go up to 4

Toughness, same as strength can go up to 4 in characters and such

Leadership 8 or 9 with 10 being reserved for special character generals

Wounds generally stay at 1 for standard guys and can go up to 2 or 3 depending on how high up in command

Attacks can usually vary 2-4


Other races can easily move higher than this because they don't have the racial attributes restricting them, but might fall in some other stats (Dwarfs have less for movement).


I notice this might get a little more murky with Warlord since there is greater granularity in the stats and then there's also damage tracks to factor in (where in Warhammer usually only monsters and characters have more htan 1 wound). So I guess I'm looking for what the average stat is and how many deviations from the average.

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Just at a quick glance.. Merc Warrior strikes me as the most average.. but again.. I'm not sure since I don't readily know the whole scope of this world


Mercenary Warrior

Affiliation: Mercs/Neutral

Cost: 23

Rank: Soldier

Base: Std

Race: Human


DT      0   1            

MOV  6   5            

DIS    4   3            

DV   10 10            

MD  12 10            

S.A.: Deflect/1

MAV  3   3            

#MA 2

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IIRC, we used DV 9 as the baseline for average armor on a fig. Anything higher generally represented an upgrade of some kind (like plate armor, heavy scales, a shield, etc). It gets pretty complicated from there, but otherwise, yeah, the merc warrior isn't a bad baseline for an average human soldier.



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