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We talk about basing a fair bit around here.  Folks make tutorials, discuss current projects, and there are always several active conversations about tools and materials at any given time.  One thing

Wow, I feel a bit inadequate. ;)   1. putty of some kind for filling slotta bases. Fill that hole and paint it neatly and it already looks 100% better and you have a perfectly playable figure.  2.

1. Imagination 2. Scraps and interesting pieces of plastic / metal 3. White Glue 4. Rocks 5. Sand  

<sigh> I had a look at that... doesn't look like there are any domestic sellers and $23 shipping to Australia makes it more expensive than GS.  A pity.  I like the idea of separate bars!



not a bar but a good price:



the green stuff from GW is $10USD for 20g, vs the kneadatite at ~$14USD for 100g.

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Ohhh thanks.  I already buy my GS from back to basixs... but the combat store looks great!!!  Once I go through my current supply (which will be soon - new basing stamps are fun) I'll have to get more fun stuff to play with.  Lots of other cool stuff in that combat store too!

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I've been playing with mine. Not sure about them yet. I was hoping for great things from the flagstone one in particular, but so far I'm really not impressed. Too many soft, squishy edges and shapes that look nothing like stone.

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I love the treasure one - though I have used it mostly for treasure piles to get my adventurers excited.  The dead body one is good for marking traps etc that they have found... and other items of interest.


I do like the flagstone ones... but I could be lucky (or a bit less handy, so its better than I can do).  I have been enjoying all of them though!

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Hmm,  in no particular order (perhaps except the rod)


Epoxy putty (GS mixed with FIMO)

HS stamps



Brass rod

I agree with the others above. The stamps are really fun to play with, but the results are not as impressive as I'd hoped. Still, the results aren't bad (IMHO)  ^_^ 



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1. Salt, sugar, and baking soda: my not-so-secret recipe for snow. Tip: be sure to have mini varnished before adding this to the base. Add a touch of straight elmer's glue with a paintbrush, then lightly drop mix onto the glue. if you do it right, the salt and sugar will give a bit of "shiny" to the effect.

2. Cork: makes great rocky bits, ledges, etc. I try to pre-drill mounting holes and then seal it off with a glue+water mix, otherwise it takes a bit more primer (I use paint-on primer due to environmental issues) to get a good coat.

3. Elmer's school glue: It should be #1, but I'm too lazy to revise the list.

4. Whatever fine gravel mix I can get my hands on. GF9 makes a number of excellent cannisters, and the three I bought back in 2010 are still 90% full. I tend to mix a bit of the the cannisters fro a varied texture.

5. Patience. When basing, a bad base can make an excellent mini seem somehow mediocre. Find the right theme, and take your time to execute it properly.


For example, I was going for a bit of a "spring thaw" look for my Legion of Everblight army, so I had some patches of snow and exposed grass. Came out not bad. It doesn't overwhelm the models, nor detract from them.



Bonus points for whoever catches the extra bit of basing detail herein.

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#1. Air drying clay - I use this to build up the foundation. Its great for filling in a lipped edge base and covering an integral base. Also can be used to make stalagmites, mushrooms and all manner of things.Can also be carved to give a flagstone  texture.

#2. Bark - Great for making stone. Just paint it black and dry brush increasingly lighter shades of grey.

#3. Grass Tufts

#4. HO scale plants. Perfect size for 28mm models.

#5. Dried Oregano & Basil. Fantastic for leaves.

(BONUS) #6. Your bits box. An extensive bits box can add plenty of detail to bases.

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You have all covered most of what I keep around for basing.  I would add to it one item - quartz crystals.  Need a magical/gem encrusted terrain, quartz is cheap, can be broken into smaller scraps with enough force and makes a dynamic addition.  I have seen examples with washes that add color too.  


I have intentions of creating a mold from a larger crystal to later make my own crystals with liquitex that have "souls" trapped inside.  

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