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I'm great at procrastination. It's one of my best skills. But I finally finished all these minis which have been on my desk for a while. Mostly trying to get them out of the way so I can work on my diorama.


First off, and proudest, The Jester! He's a conversion of the stonehaven gnome skeleton into a skeletal jester. It's a living doll that attached itself to one of the characters in our current campaign.



Next we have a little crystal dragon. I took the spiretop drake and ice imp from the plastic WotC minis, and put them together to make it. The dragon is supposed to look like the Skylander Flashwing.




And here's my Lysette, from the beauty pageant in October. Pretty pleased with her ^_^



Gus the Innkeeper!




Finally, Sir Forscale, the Green Knight! I painted him green and silver for Hubby. Those are his favorite colours ^_^




Hope you enjoy them all ::):

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The dress is awesome on Lysette! The detail on the barkeeps towel and mug are great as well.



I actually bought a skeletal jester from Reaper called Hecklemeyer (see link)  http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hecklemeyer/latest/02106


I didn't even change his name.  I got him because he looked cool.  Somehow he has become the most popular villain I ever created.  His jester rod lets him dominate others, and at first he was accompanied by the big flesh golem (not my painted version just a quick one I found).  I have him always talking in rhyme which is hard, so I had to come up with everything he would say for every possible thing that would happen ahead of time.  During a big battle the characters destroyed his skeletal jester body so he instead possessed a draco lich flying off with one fo the characters who is now a minion and the player had to make a new character until that one is rescued.


Hecklemeyers Heckle list (sample)

"Your spells lack power, give up and take a shower!"


"ha ha ha, you miss and miss with your sword, watching you I grow bored."


"Little girl with purple hair, you are always dying, you can't win, so stop trying" (There was a rhyming swear word in here notlisted for the forum)


"Fools, you cannot fly, and so I leave you here to cry"


"Clavsa, Clavsa, she's my pet, stealing and stabbing, whatever it is I feel needs grabbing.   Entranced she is, as you can see, try to break my spell, you won't succeed."


"Tybalt you big ugly goon, try thinking for once, hopefully soon."


"Sinikka is that your best spell you dolt?  Now see one of mine, my big lightning bolt!"


"Do you think I will burn, what with all this fire? Your spells are jokes of which I tire."


" Perhaps you haven't noticed I can never die, don't even bother and try.  Go away now and have a big ale, else your death will be the next tale."


"Ow, ow, ow, that really hurt! I'm so mad this time, that I cannot rhyme."


"Swords, and arrows, and spells, oh my! I better go cower and cry."


"Mommy go home to your baby, even an old bag like you serves a purpose, maybe"




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Before I put her away I realized (again) that I'd forgotten to paint Lysette's leg. I swear every time I looked at it I thought "I should paint that bit next" and then I didn't.


For proof, here's her a view of her leg.




Look! It's skin coloured! Instead of... black  :blush:

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Did you submit Lysette to the Beauty Pageant thread?  I don't remember seeing her there, and I definitely would remember a paisley freehand.  I'm going to have to agree that she's a stand-out in the crowd, although everything else is looking good too!

I didn't finish her in time. I got real sick. On the other hand, I wouldn't have had time to do the paisleys if I hadn't gotten sick, so it worked out.

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