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Crusaders Cleric - For DragonLance - Updated!

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(Updated photos in the reply below!)


Here's my current WIP.  He's from the pile o' unpainted minis someone in my gaming group acquired. I was actually able to track down this one: Halbarad, Crusaders Cleric. I wasn't surprised at all to find out he was a sculpt by Klocke, who is turning out to have made nearly all of my favourite sculpts I have come across.  :)  I wish I could give him a big hug and tell him how awesome he is!


Anyways, we are possibly going to use this mini for our human fighter/ Cleric of Kiri-Jolith in our DragonLance campaign.



1. Primed/ shaded and ready to go!



2. Laying down some of the base colours (difficult to see the two tones of silver paints on there). Had a hard time deciding if I wanted his skirt white and cloak blue, or vis-versa. Also, Kiri-Jolith's colours are Brown & White, but we have a lot of brown already in the minis on our table so I made the executive decision to abandon brown overall.



3. His white cloak.  I have found that items that are black or white are really hard, because shading/highlighting becomes problematic later...



4. Starting on the details.



5. More of the details. The bronze is a herald back to the brown of Kiri-Jolith.



6. Finally! With the head painted he doesn't seem so oppressively grey.  Now that I have all of the base colours down things are coming together. Back in the day I would probably stop about now.  However, next I will move on to fine details, shading/highlighting, and touch-ups.  Woot!



For anyone curious, music I am listening to whilst working on this guy is Imagine Dragons and the soundtracks from SailorMoon.  ;)

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Update: 02/16/2014



7. Okay! Worked on this more today! Added shadows!



8. And then highlights!  Next up, make a sacrifice to the face-gods...



9. That was less painful than expected!  Even managed to give him rugged brows, sideburns, and bottom lip!



10. Added text to the book!



11. And he's done! I will base him and do glamor shots later (tomorrow, hopefully).



12. A couple shots from other angles. I never did get pleased with the cloak.  From now on I will probably just avoid making anything white that is too big - so very hard to get shade/highlight to work correctly.  :(

OVERALL: Super pleased with this guy!  Definitely one of my best to date!!  :) :) :) :)

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Thanks!  I am trying to be better about using higher contrasts for shadow/light.  I used to not shade at all, and then I relied only on washes and dry brushing. Now I am trying to treat it more like my digital art in term of shading and whatnot.  Having expanded my range of hues of paints that I own pre-mixed helps a lot.  It was painful when all of the colours were hand-mixed.  Slowly, slowly, I am getting better at this mini painting thing.  :)

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