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Baugi's Basing Basics for Beginners

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....any sugestions for realistic looking birds nests at this scale?



I think Catdancer would be able to answer that question if you asked him, he's an approachable and very nice person. I met him in person on Sunday, he's really knowledgeable with all that stuff. 

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Finished base with a couple noble polypore fungi on the log. Needed something extra!



Edit:  These.  Should be familiar to anyone from the northwestern states or western Canada.   



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I hadn't intended to demo anything with he Happy Seppuku basing stamps in this thread, because not everyone has them, but I'm not sure this needs it's own thread. Those of you that have the stamps know that they can be a little finicky to use, and that the really great putties for use with them can be a little tricky to find (or such has been my experience). Well, I tried something the other day. I'm in the middle of building a dungeon tile set using the DMScotty/DMG 2.5D method (cheap dungeon made of cardboard!) and I was fiddling around with my glue gun, after assembling some hallways. It turns out, YOU CAN USE HOT GLUE IN THE HS STAMPS!!


Blob of glue!



Face down on stamp!



Left is wood plank stamp, just glue

Right is flagstone stamp, covered in acrylic gesso and ready to paint!



Textured, pro looking bases for like 5 cents in glue!

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