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thanks for the comments on the bugbears. The bulldog just came to me while i was working on the bugbears, but I promise there will be some nasty Rotts and another surprise or two for the rest of the wardogs. Bulldogs, like pugs, have that almost-cute look to them until you realize just how FAR they can open their mouths, and just how hard they can bite with the physics of that jaw structure.


BTW, Quite the comment on that acid spitter, very descriptive in a disturbing sort of way:) not really how I would describe it, but Derek is doing some interesting things, huh?


see ya,


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Still, the distinctions seem large enough for me to wonder how many you've seen.  :devil:

Not that i diasagree with you in a field where you have much study, but i belive the sculpter would of meant it as a abstract, rather than a exact copy. This way it sneaks past the boss and gets to the shelves. Its not THAT blatent, as opposed to the "Its a Boy! :blink: " wotc plastic earth elemental.


It is not a trick of the light :wacko:


male wotc earth elemental-quite suggestive-




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i'd wondered if I'd gone too far w/ my original post


I love understatement as humor, so i'm glad you continued the fun...


but i understand your seriously made point. - and agree with you.


feeling uncomfortable now....


can we agree to drop the topic?


don't wanna get kicked off the forum...

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So....what will you folks be using the wardog for? I think perhaps I will craft a collar for him, and attach a length of jewelry chain as a leash, connecting him to the hand of...I dunno, probably an ogre or something. He looks pug-ugly enough to have been bred by an ogre.


And before that's misconstrued, I love pugs and yes, I KNOW that's a bulldog. But they both have that squashed, I-just-ran-into-a-wall look.

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I am going to use Sir Broderick, Justicar, and drill out his fist that is close to his waist, get a chain or sculpt a leash, and make him a wardog handler. The mini already looks like he could be pulling back on the leash, i can redo the medallion on the dog to match the Crusader symbol as well.


Pretty simple conversion, but would look great, and would just count as another Soldier in the game. (Albeit one that just kept very close to him all the time.)



What do you think?




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