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The Big Game


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A few weeks ago someone mentioned playing a huge game of BattleTech one upon a time. Then yesterday while searching through Mil-Net's server for an old file, I came across a bunch of pictures from a game that Thane, James, and I (the Mil-Net admins) ran at NukeCon back in 2002. I'd forgotten I even had these pics, so I thought I'd share them ya'll.


I don't remember the exact stats about the game, other than we used every single mini that all 3 of us owned, which was quite a few. I think the table was 8' wide and 16' long. We called it after 14 hours b/c the attackers clearly were not going to achieve their goal of destroying the defender's HQ. Plus we were all tired!  :lol:  We ran this as a walk-up event at the con, so people were free to come and go as they pleased. This meant that about half of those 14 hours was spent re-distributing sections and teaching new players the basics on the fly. Not the most effective use of time, but it allowed people to be involved that otherwise would just watched for a few minutes and then walked away.




This only shows about 1/2 of the models in the game. The attackers have more forces off the bottom of the pic, and the defenders had 5 sections of vehicles hidden inside of the main building. Plus some camo'ed Whisper Launchers scattered around the rocky area. (they were off board and noted w/small tokens)  I count at least 65 models in this pic.




My Rach forces.




Me (left) and Al Pare, one of Reaper's original owners and the guy who wrote the original CAV 1 rules. (Or at least was the main rules guy.)




The highway to the defenders' objective? (FreeFall's red & gold Rach, my silver & blue Griffins, and my bronze & gold Griffins)




Or the highway to hell?




Mortar emplacements




I'm guessing that my Kahn is about to bring down some IA love on these flankers. The green/gold Malvies belong to FreeFall. Or else that's the feared Ace/Ace Panther that nobody can hit!  :ph34r:




Al just sat in the same spot all day, chilled, and held down my left flank. Nothing got past him.


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This is totally an estimated guess, but based on that first picture, if each side had 50 models, I think each side had between 12,000 and 14,000 points. I know that the attackers had more points, but the defenders had some static turrets and mines to balance things out.

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Ah, "CAV That Was..."


Nice to see pics of Al, too.  Reminds me of the old days.





You should see something you remember in this shot JB. ::): I can't ever say "thank you" enough times for this.  (Sorry its sideways.)




FreeFall and I are talking about getting together sometime next month for my birthday and playing a huge game just between the two of us. (We haven't settled on CAV 1 or 2 rules yet.) With our schedules now-a-days I doubt it'll ever happen, but if it does, I'll be sure to take pictures. 

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