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DIY photo turntable

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Let me know if you want help making one! My current setup consists of:

  • Arduino UNO (or compatible, with USB cable)
  • 28BYJ-48 stepper motor

  • ULN2003 stepper motor driver (to connect the motor to the Arduino)

  • 6 male to female jumper wires

  • LEGO chassis

  • Modified reaper base to act as a platform

I managed to find a cheap Arduino-compatible kit on a slow boat from China for ~30$. It came with all the required electronic components listed above plus a ton of other stuff. You might be able to find just the required components for less, but probably not much less. The construction is a bit more involved than the clock version because it requires some programming to get the camera and the Arduino to sync up. The code itself is very simple in Linux, but will probably be slightly different for different operating systems.

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Thanks! There are some newer results here: https://gfycat.com/@pragmatique/collections/3fa02bf3e0803cd246088fa86a6c815b/minis


I love how this thread keeps getting resurrected year after year. Unfortunately I took apart my latest turntable photo setup because I moved recently, but I should put it back together soon and post some pictures. I also recently was gifted a 3D printer (!), so maybe it's time to make a custom stand that will hold the motor :)

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This thread will never die :)


I did wind up 3D printing a mount for the motor, and I now have a larger turntable. I'm out of town at the moment but when I get back I'd like to try to photograph some larger pieces I've done. For now the biggest thing is the gryphon rider:

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