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Anyone here following along with TPP? I'm finding myself increasingly impressed with both the progress being made and the creativity of the fandom and the lore that's grown up around the game.


For those not in the know, Twitch Plays Pokemon is an experiment in which a live stream of an emulator of the Gameboy version of Pokemon Red is being streamed live on TwitchTV, and is being played collaboratively by as many as 70,000 people at once, submitting "button presses" by typing commands into the chat window. The stream is here, an updating feed of major events is here, and an FAQ is here.

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    • By Morihalda
      Hey all! This is my spring exchange mini for Flamehawke. I was going crazy with excitement when the PM with her information included a love for Pokemon!
      I was going for a cartoony feel with them to match the show. I hope you guys like her!
      Special thanks to Talespinner for sculpting advice, Corporea, Guindyloo, and several others in the chatter thread with colors, and ub3r_n3rd with basing! You guys rock, and I learned SO MUCH with this mini.
      Sculpting WIP for Flareon and the girl's conversions is in this thread.
      Apologies for photo quality - I only have my phone. 


      Edit: I really need to turn down that light brightness from the lamp... Here's what the hair looks like - it's one of my favorite parts and it didn't show very well in the final shots.

    • By Morihalda
      Hey all! Now that the awesome Flamehawke has received her spring exchange mini, I'd love to post my sculpting progress for it!
      It was a ton of fun making her, but I did have to wrestle with the green stuff to go the way I wanted sometimes. I haven't really learned how to handle it yet.
      The folks in this thread, especially canuckotter and TaleSpinner, were a ton of help, so I hope y'all don't mind me bugging everyone here again for some real critiquing now!
      The Trainer
      I started with Sugar, Anime Heroine, by Bob Ridolfi, who became....

      ... A Pokemon trainer on her way to be the best Pokemon master!!!

      I had no idea that conversions and sculpting took so much work!!  
      This girl seriously needed her midriff covered if she was going to be running around the world all day, so I added that. The sculpt was pretty accurate - she had the square piece of fabric around the back of her neck, so I had to grind it down. Getting it level with the rest of her body with green stuff also solved her broken back syndrome. Super stylized characters can be fun, but I wanted to make it a bit more realistic. With Pokemon, she says. heh.
      It was pretty enteraining to put on my workout shirts and leggings to see where the fabric folds would go. They seemed to match alright!
      I decided a small travel bag would be handy for any Pokemon trainer, and it made the top of the skirt work as the bag's strap, as well as a belt for her snazzy new tunic. The skirt was hella short, so I imagine she's got some shorts under there, and the leggings seemed fun. Lots of Pokemon trainers have bicycle shorts or leggings! The leggings also seemed to cut down the length of her legs. I mean, she had nice legs to begin with, but they were crazy long for a young person, haha.
      The hand took FOREVER. I watched a couple hand videos that were recommended by canuckotter, so that helped immensely. I'm mostly satisfied with the shape, but not the surface - it's so teeny that I couldn't use the normal shapers to smooth it out. When I tried using the flat side of a dental pick, I had the same problem that I had while sculpting - the green stuff would "pull" away, so it's like I have a million teeny spikes on the fingers.
      And here she is, primed and ready for painting! The primer kept looking thick and chalky...

      A paaaaain. But so satisfying!!!
      I didn't realize it took so long to create things from scratch! Letting each layer dry really tested my patience. I figured out real quick that that's just the way sculpting works after smushing the back legs several times when I impatiently tried to work on another section.
      I used a lot of cat jumping references when sketching out, but the nicest looking one actually came from a.... squirrel. I eventually cut off the bottom piece of wire because it wasn't helping anything. A lot of this had to be sculpted while I held an appendage because I started before learning about pinning to cork. >_<

      I am so proud of those teeny paws. The bug eyes got shaved waaay down after this photo was taken. I still need to work on the fur more.... I did buy vaseline and it kind of helped the putty pulling away probleim I was having.

      Primed and ready to paint! Little paws again because they are cute. I used my cat for reference there, haha.

      Big thanks to ub3r here - I had planned to use plasticard for the base to make a simple grassy battle stadium, but I had forgotten about the bar under her feet! I attempted to base her on what she came on. Bad idea!
      So ub3r recommended a second layer that the bar would hide in, and that worked out pretty well! I glued the mini, foam, and plasticard together, and then used green stuff over the whole thing.

      Final pictures are in this thread.
      Thanks for looking and I hope you liked it! Critique is requested and appreciated for the sculpting!
    • By IronMan
      Hello. Anyone heard of or already playing Monster MMORPG ?

      It is a virtual pet mmorpg game like Pokemon.


      If you wanna register use this link please :d


      Game video can be seen here

      And one of my favorite monster

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