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That repaint turned out great. That is one scary beetle#

Thanks, the next one I get a hold of I'll paint more roachy, to be the alleged Cockroach up on twelve that will bite your head off.


I agree with Citrine.  Was it just a loose beetle, or was it part of a set of some sort?

Thanks. They were a toyline that came out late 90's. I don't think the line did too hot.



   At the Empire Industries showroom, the big hit was something called Real Bugs, big plastic insects that come in two varieties, Squish Bugs and Squirmin' Bugs. When you step on one, bloody guts come out. Best of all, they're refillable. "We expect it to be one of the key action figures of the year," said Michael Bauer, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Empire. "By the end of the year we'll have 108 different collectible bugs available.


Nice job, that turned out pretty cool looking!


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I will admit to being freaked out by large beetles in general. HOWEVER, your Bug from Hell is really cool. Some GREAT brushwork & color choices do wonders to allay  the creepy feeling. VERY WELL DONE!

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