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Fishnjeeps Fighter Robo


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So, thanks to those on this board, I've been inspired to try my hand at sculpting my own miniature. I've never attempted to do anything like this ever before so I am a complete Noob at this. If I can make anything even close to what others here have done I'll feel good about this.


I'm going for a Cav/Mech type thing in about 50mm scaleish.  Perhaps a couple of arm mounted cannons and a couple rocket launchers with a cockpit Nd "chicken legs" We'll see what I actually get...


SO! Here are some pics of the tools and supplies I'm using and some pics of where I've gotten so far. 



I have both sculpy firm and green stuff to start. I'm going to try using the sculpy more than the Green stuff.



Here are the tools I have at the moment, Sculpy pearl tools, Size 0 color shapers, Various wax carvers from harbor freight & the flgs.



A close up of the color shapers...




Now on to my first attempts at sculpting. I'm thinking I should start at the bottom so I'm starting with the foot of the mini. First a bolck of sculpy...



Roughly carved the shape of the foot...



And where I am now. I smoothed the fingerprints from it. 


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