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Graverot Ghast


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May I ask what colors you used for the skin?  It's really, really nice. 


EDIT:  Wording came out harsh than I wanted.  I reread this (hoping for your skin tones), and I was displeased with myself.  My apologies.

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Before I say anything else, I should point out that you did a fine job, and that you've given me some ideas, regarding color choices. Beautiful work.

That being said, that little dude, for all the world, reminds me of the ending of "I Am Legend," in which a horde of "darkwalkers" attempts to smash their way into Will Smith's apartment building... using their heads as battering rams.

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Thanks so much for viewing and taking the time to comment, its very much appreciated.


@Darkmeer, for the skin, I started with MSP Rainy Grey & and old bottle of GW Tentacle Pink 50/50.  Then I worked down into the shades by adding MSP Dark Elf Highlight and then a little bit of black.  Came back up again with the Rainy Grey+Pink adding a little bit of white to it.  For the hands, I used a purple glaze, and worked down from the arms to the hands. Then I added red ink to the purple glaze and did his hands in that. Hope that helps!


@Baugi, he could really be doing a bunch of things, but I like to think he's just charged through a bunch of defenders and he's about to get a nice juicy target. 


@Dr.Bedlam, I like your take on his headbutting activities.  Maybe Ghasts are the next evolution in intelligence? 


@scorpio616, Ninja Gaiden, that's awesome!  Video games are the main reason I'm not more productive at painting ...

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I kinda picture it like he just tore two victims open as he ran by.

attachicon.gifdouble kill.JPG


I can even hear the ghast's feet making the running sound from Ninja Gaiden in my mind's ear.


"Raar!  Ghast run like ninja!"  :lol:


Your diagram is a good representation of what I thought the figure was doing, as well (ninja jokes aside).


Awesome work on the figure, Fremen!

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