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Mother and Children (Bones 77087) celebrate Norwegian Constitution day


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Hah, great stuff, very interesting take on them! I like the bunad.

You could just give them some Norwegian flag lapel pins :;):


Or something like this if you wanted to: http://www.ingebretsens.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/265x/e5c3f25dbe2a3021345b55270d5894a1/s/m/sm153.jpg

I know we used to use those way back when.

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My mom figure would have needed some greenstuff for her jaw, as well, but I just painted some big lips to distract people. Yours look great, and the greenstuff really helps fill in the gaps! Love the dresses and the free hand. These look beautiful!


As for a flag, would it be overly patriotic to just put a flag behind them? Like war banner style?

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@Jasonator, thanks! Painting this made me really homesick. Last year I visited for 17th of May, which was really awesome. Alas that is not happening this year.


@Thes Hunter, I thought of having a flag pole behind them, but I decided this way I can use them as townsfolk in rpgs if needed.


@Corporea, I am keeping this one on my shelf :-)


Since the contest due date isn't until March 3rd, I might go back and try to reduce the black around their eyes and add more shading around the noses, to make the faces look better. For some reason I thought the due date was yesterday.


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